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Hi all,

I fell in love with Stroud Green last year and as a soon-to-be full-time resident of the area (4 days and counting), I'm keen to get involved in local life. This forum is a great starting point and I'd like to know if there is an official blog for the area with posts about local events and other announcements?



  • I think this is it :)

  • Welcome!  Ashman's right - keep on eye on this forum.

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    There's also,, and I think Crouch End may have a website; if you have a Twitter account, there are a couple of Stroud Green posters and you can hashtag #N4 and #stroudgreen.

    If you are female (and/or have a female partner), there's a local WI -, e-mail - which will get you meeting some local women.

    You might also look into Transition Finsbury Park - - which has a variety of community events/projects going on.

    Which road are you moving to?



  • Sorry, mis-typed the WI website (and for some reason can't edit it) - it's


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    Ooops, I think a letter is missing in the WI link. I hope this link works

  • Thanks, @gem, you're quite right - my brain's a bit dozy today and seems to have forgotten how to spell!

  • Thanks for the replies and suggestions - I will definitely keep an eye on this forum.

    @vetski moving to Ashley Road - unfortunately it's only a short let but I intend to stay in the area!

  • There's also a knitting group in the Stapleton Tavern on Thursdays from 8pm. Men/women/knitters/non-knitters all welcome. I believe there are several active conservation groups too.

  • @idoru that sounds great - I seem to remember seeing a flyer for a craft afternoon at the Stapleton as well, it was in August I think, I wonder if they're still running?

  • I like Ashley road.  A nice mid-point between the Stapleton and the Shaftesbury, it has the beautiful St Mary's church, and is close to Crouch End.  Easy access to the Parkland Walk, and plenty of buses.  I suppose it's not technically Stroud Green, but it's closer to the Stroud Green Road than lots of SG proper.

  • @ohinvertedworld I went to one of the craft afternoons last year. V good fun. They're called Crafty Pint and are organised by the Seaside Sisters. Not sure if there are any more planned, but hopefully!

  • @arkady you're right, sadly, it's not technically stroud green. i might have to create a fictional address for my alter ego!

    @idoru oh thanks, i'll look them up

  • @Idoru & @ohinvertedworld, the Seaside Sisters are hoping to start up at the Stapleton again - there's a new manager/landlord, so negotiations have had to start again from scratch. They'll post on here and their Facebook page when they've got something arranged, as will the WI on all available channels!

  • Fingers crossed!

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