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<p>Hi Everyone,</p><p>could you recommend me a <strong>good</strong> GP that covers Victoria Road?<br>NHS Choices is able to search in a 1 mile radius but unable to filter for Haringey PCT therefore returning a whole load of useless hits.</p><p>Any advice appreciated.</p>


  • RoyRoy
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    I don't think GP's catchment areas follow borough lines - I think you just have to call up each practice and find out if you're within their catchment area.<br><br>FWIW, I'm with Queenswood Medical Practice which is based in the Hornsey Central Health Centre (on Park Road, on the W7 bus route).  I'm on Florence Road and I'm absolutely right on the edge of their catchment area so you may or may not be covered by them.<br><br>I'm happy so far - it's in a modern health centre - with a very large GP's practice, an on-site pharmacy, etc - which may or may not be what you're looking for.<br>
  • I live on Cornwall Rd an registered with the Vale Practice on Park Road in Crouch End. Very good!
  • <P>Stroud Green Medical Centre (corner of Hanley Road) is OK. </P> <P>Easy to get to and no complaints - although it has changed hands not so long ago but reception staff is still the same and always quite helpful.</P>
  • Thank you for the comments everyone! I will check the practices mentioned.
  • I have been trying to enlist at Hornsey Park  due to Islington's unethical procedures check your online Medical Record as  they disregard some disability & make up others  ? Emergency access becoming a real problem. It appears  their catchment area doesn't cover  me yet  I am nearer to them in Trinder Road than Roy in Victoria  . Could there be ageism here ? Even had a Haringay Councillor onto it who hasn't replied . Went to seek discretion from GP Reception  said couldn't speak to the GP  unless registered?<div>During the Thatcher Cuts when pushed back from Haringay to Islington  was told by 3 local surgeries  they were  going to rotate yearly after 5 hosdpitals cut off appointments  . Each surgery said was going to ignore history & notes , hospital medication & referrals  & have been doing  so ever since where died 3x of cardiac arrest never having been referred to a cardiologist despite evidence & weekly visits .This is still happening.</div>
  • @Julie: I'm not sure if we're talking about the same practice (mine's not called Hornsey Park) but the one I'm with has a map at reception which shows exactly what their catchment area is, so it's fairly clear cut as to whether a street is in the catchment are or not.  I doubt any form of discrimination is going on there.<br><br>roy<br>
  • We're on Mount Pleasant Crescent and also are with the Vale Practice on Park Rd. Can't recommend it highly enough.
  • If anyone has difficulty registering with a local GP, you can contact the PCT and they will oblige a practice to take you on. It may not be in the borough - when I had to do this some years ago, I was registered with what is now the Taylor Practice at the Hornsey Rise Health Centre, which is the Islington side - but at least it gets you some local coverage!
  • I've been with Dr Monneeb who has a small practice in Hornsey Rise Health Centre for years. I go to the doctors about once every couple of years but he has been very good every time, taking the time to listen properly. I prefer not to take medication but I have a wonky spine which is painful all the time and he is always willing to refer me to other ways of dealing with issues, physio, yoga etc. rather than painkillers.
  • For those who are registered with Vale Practice, what's your local hospital?<br><br>We're registered at a practice in Holborn. It's generally good, but I'm thinking of moving somewhere closer to home. I'm a bit reluctant to give up UCH, though.<br>
  • Do they know you're outside their catchment area? I was told by my previous GP that the point of the catchment area is the maximum area they can cover in case of emergencies etc, which is why they do not want patients outside of it - it's for your benefit as well as theirs should something go horribly wrong. I agree though - I loved using UCL's walk-in GP practice and of course UCH!
  • @rainbow_carnage I think it should be the Whittington but I have either self referred myself to UCH or argued for a continuity of care with UCH as I have been a patient there since I first moved to London and they supported me. 
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