Pick up your chicken bones!

<rant><div><br></div><div>There are chicken bones everywhere on the pavement and in the parks in the area. Seems like every time that I am out walking my dog I am digging three or four of them out of his mouth during our walk. <div><br></div><div>Perhaps the city should install "gum + butt" type of bins to encourage people to dispose of their chicken bones. Hey, a guy can dream.</div><div><br></div><div>As for the dog, training a greedy beagle to not go for a chicken bone is damn near possible, despite best efforts at diverting attention.</div><div><br></div><div></rant></div></div>


  • ...because the streets are completely clear of gum and cigarette butts, right?<div><br></div><div>More effective if the city installed a few drones equipped with tasers for litter louts. That'd soon clean up the streets.</div>
  • It's the people who leave their KFC cartons and chewed bones on the grass in the park that puzzle me. I mean, what kind of homes do they live in? Singapore-style laws like public execution if you fail to pull the toilet flush are my preferred option.
  • Yep there is a lot of scum round these parts. Like Annie did , if u tell em off they get aggressive . In HK u used to get a sharp batton cross ur ass if u spat or dropped litter. Bring it on. Chang
  • I agree with krappy - the Singaporeans have got it right. Swift and punitive justice for anyone caught littering.<br>
  • I'm not sure I'd want a Singaporean style police state in Stroud Green as I've heard stories of people in Singapore being told to take off alternative pieces of clothing that the police found distasteful.  However, I do agree with the above sentiments about litter louts.  The sad thing is that people get off on littering as a way to empower themselves and not being told what to do.  I have tackled someone in parked vehicle who threw stuff on the street and he proceeded to throw more stuff on the street afterwards.  Some people were just not brought up properly.   I say to them, fight the real power which is the elite upper class hierarchy that are dividing this country more and more.  But I don't think the litter louts bother with this site.
  • Last week I saw a guy eating chicken wings in his car and tossing the bones out of the window. There's a man who needs a swift smack upside the head. <br>
  • This is another good argument for having no more hot-food takeaways in the area - or perhaps making it a licensing condition that they clean up their customers' filth after them. <div><br></div><div>Councillors: Are you listening?</div>
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    Yes, let's all live in a police state with no democracy, detention without trial, no right to free assembly and the death penalty. Hooray for Singapore. A least there are no chicken wings. What's worse is that I'm agreeing with Kreuzkav.
  • Bromley is like that, I hear. Chang
  • Think this is also due to the foxes pulling out leftovers from rubbish bins- if the lid is not on they will pull it all out to get what they want. put the lids on folks....
  • Certainly I am less prone to start thinking Singapore thoughts when I see litter around bins since I've seen hordes of pigeons pulling cartons out and throwing them to the ground for better scavenging.
  • The Singaporean Solution should also apply to pigeons.
  • Yesterday's tally: he grabbed two chicken bones on Seven Sisters, one on Blackstock Road (both of these roads are known chicken bone hotspots) and another on the bus (I was somewhat surprised at that one).<div><br></div><div>As for tossing them on the pavement, it's human behaviour really - some people give a damn, many don't. <span style="font-size: 10pt;">Until then I am on permanent chicken bone alert!</span></div><div><br></div>
  • The W7 is often littered with chicken bones and boxes, sauces, etc. It's usually worse in the evenings when it pulls into FP bus station to start the journey back up the hill.<br>
  • I'd propose a halfway house to the Singaporean solution, offenders are told to pick up their mess and then briefly detained while someone goes round their home and scatters the fried chicken remnants in their house or flat.
  • And then shot if they transgress again?<br>
  • Given that the bones will have on them the DNA of these criminals, is voodoo an option?
  • Voodoo is always an option.
  • Maybe the bones were discarded by voodoo practitioners? Maybe for a reason?
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  • That is nearly as bad as loud nail-clipping with the clippings flying into the aisle or onto the person next to them. It's surprising the number of people who do that on the bus.<br>
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