Does the big ginger cat belong to anyone?

Hi, A ginger cat sat on my windowsill this morning. The cat did not have a collar. He looked in good condition, except for a large clump of fur missing on his neck. The critter was very hungry, although that could just be greed! I was wondering if the cat belonged to anyone?


  • hi, where about did you see the cat?
  • It's hanging around Tollington Park, too. A bit shy and runs away when you approach it.<div><br></div>
  • good to hear! I thought you may have been eyeing up mine! we never put a collar on ours and he always comes home, also no where near tollington! phew.
  • Ha! There's always a ginger one at the Ferme Park Rd. Micycle. They named him Boris. The description would fit, too. ;-)
  • He's hanging around Charteris Rd. I'm wondering if he is a stray, and whether that large chunk of fur missing from his neck is of concern.
  • Zasman vet on Tollington Park will scan the cat for a microchip if you can get him/her in there. There are sometimes lost cat posters up in there too. Haven't seen any posters for a ginger cat in the streets.
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    It sounds like our cat who has been missing for 48hrs.If anyone sees him if they could let us know we will come round to see if it is. We have been up and down Charteris Rd but no luck.<br>Ours is a male ginger tom.Thanks.<br>
  • Nah, that big ginger one on Tollington Park has been around for a bit longer. Saw it a while back (month or so) and then just recently. 
  • It may be our cat as he came to us as a stray and does run around the area so you may have seen him before.<br>
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    Our ginger male tom has returned now, he does not have fur missing on his neck so the ginger cat on Charteris road/Tollington road is a different cat. Thank you to the folks who phoned offering help, very decent of you.<br>I hope the other ginger stray gets some help and attention or at least a few more meals. As mentioned earlier in this thread Zasman vets would be a good place to get this ginger cat checked out if you can get hold of it.<br>
  • Glad to hear your cat is back safe. I haven't been around much, so haven't seen the cat again, but here is a pic through the window. My tech skills are a little rusty and someone has kindly uploaded it. The fur loss is on the right side of its neck. It's a beautiful cat so I'm hoping it has a home. I'm not sure I can trap the kitty - quite skittish cat.
  • Yep, happy to hear your cat's back home, safe and sound. I don't think that cat in Stata's picture is the one I've seen. It's a big one with quite a bit of fluff. But then, I've only seen it twice. 
  • As I was off during the Christmas period, I noticed the ginger cat turn up daily and now a little lighter. He is a sweet fellow and after some work, I managed to get him to our local vets. Turns out the owner detailed on the microchip denies owning him and he hasn't been seen by his registered vet in Wood Green since 2011. So he is a stray. The good news is, we bumped into our neighbours on the way to the RSPCA and he now has a home (and a collar!)
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