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So, I inherited a whole load of plants - including a disturbing large collection of amaryllis - from an old housemate.  Despite knowing almost nothing about plants, I've kept most of them alive.<div><br></div><div>Some of them are starting to look like they really need re-potting.  They look too big for their pots, and some are falling over with distressing regularity.  I have lots of bigger pots, but think I probably need more soil to achieve this transition.  Where's the nearest place where I can acquire some?  Any tips appreciated.</div>


  • I'd second homebase or just the little cornershop. Value 4 money? Any DIY store, really. That place owned by the Chinese family on Blackstock Rd. for instance.
  • The fact that Homebase didn't come immediately to mind should be a lesson to you all of just how poorly domesticated and essentially unmanly I am.  If I had been born in any earlier century I wouldn't have survived my teens.
  • W3 bus to Ally Pally garden centre... Tell the staff what you have and they'll make sure you get the right kind of dirt. If you get the acidity/alkalinity balance wrong you'll kill your plants.
  • This is too much responsibility.
  • Ally Pally garden centre is good, and does smaller (easier to carry back from the bus stop) bags than Homebase.  Multipurpose seems to work ok for me!
  • The Boma garden centre in Kentish town has a good reputation.
  • Arkady: you've kept yourself alive for approx 30 years, taking care of a few plants will be fine!
  • I have the welfare state.  The plants just have me, and I'm much less wise and efficient.
  • Yes! My plants survive if they are not too particular about water and light levels and not too needy ... If they have multiple complex needs, or just are faintly neurotic and want lots of support and encouragement, well, they don't last in this house. <div><br></div><div>One of my many fantasy selves is a creative and dedicated gardener, but she has yet to emerge from the chrysalis. </div><div><br></div><div>If anyone can tell me how to make rosemary last I would be very grateful - it might save me from coming back as a rosemary bush in my next life (given how many have perished under my care - it's that or a snail).</div>
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