• How awful. I saw the police tape and forensics people there a couple of hours ago, I thought something must have happened to the old man who lives there.
  • Disgraceful. No other words really...
  • I saw the police tape and 3 officers on my way to work. I thought it might have been a burglary.

    How awful :(
  • so awful. Very scary. how could this not have been noticed by the residents of the road.
  • I live at the other end but know a couple of people living just a few yards away away from there who didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. The house you can see in the photo has an L shaped courtyard back garden/access which the chap who lives there had enclosed with an improvised fence and gate. It's been taken down recently and anyone can get round there.
    No one would be able to see what was happening.

    I lived directly opposite the site on Tollington Way where a schoolboy was stabbed to death a few years ago. It was summer, I had all the windows open and was in the room facing the incident. All I heard was a bunch of kids mucking about and a load of shouting - nothing out of the ordinary for a London street near a school and a pub on a summer evening.

    These awful things don't necessarily sound as dramatic and alarming in real life as they do on the tv, you might not realise what you were hearing until after the event.
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