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  • <p>Not N4, but Buzz Aldrin's in our Green Room at work. </p>
  • Oh come on Miss Annie. Enough is enough.  I worked in Islington at a theatre and met everyone from Johnny Lee Miller to Madonna.  It doesn't count.  It's about Stroud Green and around.  
  • Thought people might be interested in Buzz. I'd like hearing about who other people have met, and I have to listen to stories of how Berlin is glorious and how London isn't. Fair's fair.
  • Did see Kit Harrington going into a house in Albert Rd last weekend, but Buzz is more interesting (in my opinion)
  • I ought to be more impressed about Buzz, but somehow I'm not.
  • I'm still on the lookout for Katherine Ryan and Henning Wenn. Both excellent comedians and both live in crouch end but regularly exit the tube at F Park so I'm told (Ryan's a big fan of Street N4)
  • Some mentioned Henning Wenn on the previous page.
  • Yeah I've seen him at the tube entrance.<br><br>I think I saw Robert Lindsay running in the park on Monday, it was either or him or that other comedy actor on BBC a lot.<br>
  • Romola Garai! Be still my beating heart.
  • Ashley Walters (but he'll always be Asher D to me) walking past Max's the other day Can neither confirm nor deny whether he was smokin mad G's like a Jamaican
  • Katherine Ryan on the W3 and Jezza C in the park loads of times. we are on nodding terms now!
  • It was Dominic Coleman and not Robert Lindsay. Henning Wehn, Katherine Ryan and Sean Hughes were all on a panel show together and I wondered if they all shared an uber back to N4/N8.
  • So, the actor James McAvoy lives somewhere near here. A big name. I just looked him up on Wikipedia and although I must have seen him in Atonement, I can't say I recognise anything else he's done. What is he actually most famous for? (I need to stay in more - don't watch much TV, Netflix or box sets. Life beyond the screen and all that. If he's famous for being in Game of Thrones, I'm lost.)
  • He used to be in Shameless. Think he moved out of SG quite a while ago though.
  • Amongst other things, James McAvoy is the new Professor Xavier in the X Club Juniors films. Quite a big film star really, but still lives round here and drives a people carrier like yer regular N London dad. Perhaps more of a Crouch Ender though. Used to see him regularly with Ann-Marie Duff, but I think I remember reading that they've since separated.
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    My mate does personal training for James McAvoy, apparently he is very normal.

    I met Idris Elba last week, not being much of a TV watcher i didn't know who he was at first so can honestly say he is completely normal and actually a top bloke.

    I think I will cross paths with him next week as well so may have to grab a selfie with him!
  • Pleased to hear Idris is nice, give him a hug from me.
  • AliAli
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    Saw the PAK 7 Black Range Rover driving through Covent Garden early this morning.
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  • Gardener Joe Very funny!
  • Charlie Higson and Suggs in new pizza place on Holloway rd....cue jokes about the first signs of Madness
  • We clocked Matt Smith and Billie Piper getting drunk in St John in Archway - is it too far away? It used to be a favourite of George Michael in the day I heard, although I never saw him
  • Not too far, that's a good one.
  • This is a couple of weeks ago now - but forgot to mention at the time- I saw John Torrode of master chef fame crossing the road near the Stapleton Hall Tavern. Maybe he was visiting to sample one of the great eateries on SG road ?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Does David Lammy live around here? Seen him quite a few times.....
  • He does. Hence the drive to shove us into Tottenham?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    From one labour constituency to another manes no difference really.....must be some kind of boundary commission that has the say there not just a second rate MP.
  • What has David Lammy living in Stroud Green got to do with it possibly becoming part of Tottenham? Grenners Hornsey is usually a marginal seat in which the Libdems if they get a decent candidate could well take back from Labour although Catherine West is taking the line of voting to stay in the EU because Hornsey massively voted to stay. Pity Teresa May is not taking that line as her constituency voted to stay as well as did John Redwood's etc !
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    ......I don't think Catherine West is being helpful at was a national referendum and the decision has been made...she is an example of the deluded metropolitan elite living in an alternate bubble from those in the regions.....
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