How many members actually live here?

Noticed quite a few people mentioning that they don't live here any more or offering their houses for Air B&B or short term lets. I wonder how transient the area is.


  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I live here!
  • I live here! But I wasn't born here. I lived in various rented flats in Crouch End after university and moved to Stroud Green in 2006 when I bought my first flat. I think a mix of transient and more settled is good really.
  • I have noticed that the more people rent in my street the less they care about the environment around them, the rubbish is becoming atrocious at the minute.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    i'm local :-)
  • I'm a transient person I suppose, in the sense that I moved in just over a year ago, but local in the sense of living in Stroud Green.

    I live in a flatshare owned by a buy-to-let landlord who if I understand correctly has five or six different flats in the area. Around a dozen people have passed through the flat in the last decade, mostly students and young professionals, although with the tightening London housing market both age and incomes are rising, even in this context. One of the people in the flat is a 39-year-old doctor, I'm a 35-year-old translator.
  • We bought our flat here last year.
    First flat. Aged 38.
    London is hard.
  • I was local for 40 years, the last 30 of which were in Moray Road, @ the Charteris end, not Andover. I miss it, and Finsbury Park generally, so still travel back to my old cafe, Gadz, every few days. Charterhouse, near Smithfield, where I now live,has its merits,but I miss the diversity of FP.
  • We've lived here for over 9 years.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    We've lived here for 2.5 years; we rented here for a year, and were lucky enough to be in a position to buy the place we were renting when we found out our landlord was selling it.
  • Been in the area since 1999.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Bought our flat in Stroud Green 4 yrs ago.
  • I've lived here since 1987, and him indoors since 1981. Transient, not so much....
  • lived here since 1990
  • Lived here for eight years and no plans to move!
  • We lived here in three different flats since 2005
  • 4 flats since 2010. All about 50-100m off SGR on the Haringey side weirdly.
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  • 25 years and counting...
  • I moved back a couple of months ago after a few years up north, and am now living next door to my old flat...
  • AliAli
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    Since 1981, the only restaurant up our end of SGR was the Vegi Indian frequented by Annie Lennox. I think the second was La Porcheta, the was also Bewees and an Indian where Petal is. Much changed and improved place
  • It's changed so much even in the 2.5 years I was away!
  • 10.5 years in the Finsbury Park area, 8 in Stroud Green.

    @harpistic - Glad to have you back! What are your main observations as a returner?
  • Since 1999. Never want to leave!
  • Whilst I'm just outside Stroud Green officially? I Still feel part of it. I've been here for 2 years after moving away from Upper St area, I actually prefer it as a bit more mixed.
  • 'local' as of 2013 and no plans to live anywhere else in the forseeable future.
  • @Arkady Thank you! Sadly, I'm back to my old habits and spending far too little time in the area since I moved back. I visited on my first weekend back in London (I spent the first two months in Kentish Town) and I was agape at all the new businesses and trying to remember what had been there previously.

    Generally so much for the better (and I'm so glad that one of our members has not one but TWO Vietnamese places now!), though I have to tell my manager that FP station turns into the Hunger Games between 8 & 9 am...
  • Stroud Green for the past three and half years, and the decade before that in Archway and Crouch End. Definitely staying put (unless Brexit gets so extreme I get kicked out I suppose).
  • me. near various bits of the Piccadilly line for more than a decade.
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    I have literally and bizarrely spent my whole life living along the goblin line; right on top of one station or another.

    Also had it running directly behind my house growing up, makes for an interesting train journey looking out the window.
  • I have lived here in SG for two and a half years, and was in Finsbury Park but not quite SG for a year before that. I have been a Londoner for more than a decade and have lived all over. I feel settled here in SG. I have to move house soon and am trying to stay local if I can.
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