Farmers Market STARTING 10th September!



  • I came late and seemed to have missed a lot of it, but I was struck by how little it reflected the diversity of the local community. Is that anything you've given thought to at all?
  • Artisan foodie markets rarely reflect diversity of urban areas. Broadway Market is a prime example.

    This was the very first Stroud Green one so I'm sure there's plenty of scope for all kinds of exciting products, you should suggest it to some diverse producers @Thirdeariespace. Although it was small and completely out of my budget, I thought it was a lovely atmosphere and a jolly nice thing to have in the area, I'll go next time for the bike mechanic.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I'm with miss Annie.

    I'm a properly broke student but really want to support this market. Was loving the coffee, and I dug the wine guy.
    Slightly annoyed that I bought £9 cheese to support the market, only to find out it was secretly vegan.
    Regardless, @ned - please keep it up. I loved it and want to visit it every weekend. Fine with the art and cards as well. Will need stuff like that for gifts soon!
  • Thanks miss annie & Bee! I'm sorry about the cheese - they're wonderful people and like most vegans are not secretive about it at all! Maybe they just didn't put their sign in the right place or were too busy to'll notice the dairy cheese stall this week as it'll probably have a queue.

    Thirdeariespace, I WANT it to reflect the community & I don't want to be a bastion of gentrification, so as I've always said, constructive advice is really helpful.

    Don't worry there will never be TOO many cards or crafts...but these are things that lots of people like to see (including me). You can't have everything for everyone, but I believe you can find a balance & keep most people happy. This week there will be more between 3-5 more food stalls & this is obviously the main thing...
  • I got there around 11.30 - the veg was all gone and most of the bread, and I got one of the last quiches! But the cheese stand was great. Desperately busy frenchwoman who would not compromise an inch on the series of careful folds that wrapped each cheese, as the waiting time headed towards the half hour - and handed out bits of cheese to taste to keep people happy as they waited (unfortunately one of the queue was vegan and most of the cheeses weren't, so clearly not the same stand). And I got a mallard. I will be back and I expect the stallholders will be there with more supplies - lots of enthusiasm all round.
  • We thought it was great especially for first one ever. Had tasty celeriac bhajees (I think that's what they were!) and bought some rabbit from the meat stall. Will be back
  • I liked it but there's definitely room to grow. Am very interested in trying the fish stall and the fruit and veg stall before it sells out. Caribbean hot food would be ace, and start to address the diversity issue mentioned above. There used to be a great burger stall at North Harringay school market called Burger Bear. It was great having the little play area to keep the little ones occupied. Is that going to stay now the nursery has moved over the fence?
  • Kate: you know the cheese stall is also bringing French & Italian charcuterie this week...apparently they're going to leave poor christine to do it by herself for now! but if we keep buying from her they'll have to find someone to help her.

    Matt: The game is good from the marsh isn't it?
    trainspotter: I guess burger bear is a bit big now for a market? (3 shops so it seems)...we'll find a decent burger I hope before long. Sadly the play area can't be used from now on (usual health & safety etc) so e'll have to make the market space itself better for children & families. Face painting & balloons this weekend!
  • Hi everyone!
    Thought I'd write a list of what's on offer this week; and make it a regular Friday post so you always know (as far as I do myself) what's going to be there...

    There are a few highlights/new stalls:
    1) Proper fresh fish!
    2) facepainting for children
    3) most amazing hot dumplings for garlic farm (unconfirmed but v hopeful!)
    4) GF, vegan & regular cakes & biscuits from BallBaker (no From the larder as Georgina is on holiday)
    5) Charcuterie will be sold by Raw cheese power alongside their amazing cheese (I will be putting out benches to sit on while you wait)

    Here's the full list:

    Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)
    Marsh produce (fresh meat, poultry, game, eggs, preserves)
    Galileo organic farm (fresh meat, poultry, eggs & pork pies, bacon sandwiches)
    Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)
    Bread by Bike (local sourdough)
    Poilane (French-style sourdough, pastries & tarts from a wood-fired oven)
    Raw Cheese power (cheesemonger)
    The Cashew family (vegan cheeses)
    Bill’s Coffee (and home made cake)
    Seafayre Fresh Fish (also hot smoked fish from Rye Harbour)
    Kally Cooks (Vegan Indian-inspired cookery)
    Nyborg’s rye bread (buns & preserves too)
    Ballbaker (cakes/biscuits, including vegan & GF options)
    Brevevita (natural italian wine)
    Cards & clothes (made by Maude)

    Dreamers Farm (raw jersey milk, yoghurt, butter, cream)
    Garlic Farm (garlic of all sorts and hot dumplings)
    Heron’s folly garden (organic fruit, juice & veg)

    Best for now, see you SUnday I hope...
  • So tea farmers would sell tea at a farmer's market? Is it grown in England now?
  • the cheddar cheese i bought is the most glorious thing. We will be back
  • Just to say the fish stall is fantastic - really fresh and cheaper than Walter Purkis. I think she said she'd be there alternate weeks? It'd be great if she could be there every week as it'd be a real draw for me.

    It's a shame the play area is now out of bounds.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Great coffee but I would wait that long for it again....i think it took 30 mins.
  • Yeah the coffee queue was stupid - the barista was unbelievably slow. The coffee though, once it materialised, was superb.

    As was everything else there - I brought back my bodyweight in pies, meats and cheese.

    Ned - bravo once again.
  • I'm with you two about the coffee queue: he's a wonderful barista but firstly he doesn't compromise & most significantly he's never run his own setup before. We're going to work together on how to be more efficient, and hopefully you won't have to wait that long, for long!

    I'm also trying to persuade the manager of the cheese stall to give christine an extra hand, especially as they're now selling their amazing charcuterie...

    trainspotter: apparently it's convenient for her to come every fortnight at first, but if it's busy enough they'll find a way of doing it weekly. if it doesn't work out that way i'll find someone else for the other weeks, but basically the more support they have the better for everyone!

    miss annie: if you grow some tea in your garden you can sell it here! though might prefer to keep it all to yourself. Have you tried the tea from Billy's coffee stall? I think it's a bristol company and it's better than average...

    more new stalls again this sunday, including a goat dairy...I'll put the list up friday night.
    Take care all !

  • Not growing tea, but the wild vine has been exceptionally productive this year - we could probably make a vat of wine.

    Please could the goat dairy bring their goats?

  • There is a baby rare breed goat with its parents at Frieghtliner s City farm
  • I know, I've been there many times.
  • Dear everyone,
    Here's the line up for this week. Farmers are not always communicative but I hope that the goat dairy will come, and it is the most amazing stall! (with or without actual goats, they might all be too busy making cheese cake back in the house)

    Slaughter-free milk from Ahimsa dairy is here again.

    The new stall which is V exciting is the newly founded Seven Sisters Brewery (

    Finally: Alongside the Bread by Bike sourdough there're going to be loaves from E5 bakehouse in London fields - it's the best! (

    see you!

    Sunday 17th Sep 10-2:30, Stroud Green school
    Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)
    Marsh produce (fresh meat, poultry, game, eggs, preserves)
    Galileo organic farm (fresh meat, poultry, eggs & pork pies, bacon sandwiches)
    Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)
    Bread by Bike (local sourdough)
    E5 bakehouse (London Fields bakery)
    Poilane (French-style pastries, tarts & biscuits from a wood-fired oven)
    Raw Cheese power (cheesemonger)
    Bill’s Coffee
    Kally Cooks (Vegan Indian-inspired cookery)
    Nyborg’s rye bread (buns & preserves too)
    Brevevita (natural italian wine)
    From the Larder (Gluten-free cakes, chutney)
    Seven Sisters Brewery (very local pale ales & other craft beer)
    Ahisma (slaughter-free milk)
    Windrush Valley goat dairy (cheese, yoghurt & fresh milk) (2nd & 4th Sundays)

    Dreamers Farm (raw jersey milk, yoghurt, butter, cream)
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    Warning for drivers (whether stallholders or shoppers): there's a music festival in Finsbury Park tomorrow, so the Sunday event parking restrictions - noon-4.30pm - will apply.
  • Happy that milk from week one will be back. It is the most delicious milk I have ever tasted! Did anyone else notice the bakery stall doubled their prices in week two? Nice cinnamon rolls, but not at any price. Fish stall great.
  • Let's all hope we can say well done Ned on the first anerversary
  • a great start. some yummy vegan food and some good organic produce.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    It is such a hit, I'm SO pleased! Loving absolutely everything. The coffee is worth the wait :)
  • 2nd viisit today. It's a great addition to our community. Coffee guy doesn't know how to run a stall though, 20 minutes to wait for a coffee isn't acceptable however good it is. It bothered me that they kept taking orders knowing how long people had to wait. There was no queue to order, just a line of people waiting for him to make the thing. The market will lose custom as long as he stays. It's an important part of morning trade and any pain associated with it gives people a reason not to come.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    UPDATE: Finally was able to cook up some of the veg I brought home. The spinach is just... beautiful. The garlic? Never had something so fresh and tasty. About to cook up some potatoes. I'm so pleased. 100 thanks, Ned.
  • Pembe,
    Sorry about the bread thing - we're having to sell it for the bakers at the moment as Bread by Bike can't take their own stall yet (maybe this sunday but I'll let you know) & I had to make up numbers with another bakery. A well respected one & I thought quite special, but you're right it as too expensive. Cinnamon buns should be 2 pounds, if you were charged more than that let me know next time you're there & I'll give you one!

    Fish stall back this Sunday (1st October)

    The Ahimsa (slaughter-free) milk couldn't come last time after all due to farm issues but hopefully they'll be here in a fortnight. This Sunday there's hurdlebrook Guernsey milk (and yoghurt butter cream) which is my absolute favourite & the one I'd like to have every week if possible.
  • Brodiej,
    Thanks for making it clear...I agree. It's v odd & annoying, and I'll try to talk seriously about it with him tomorrow. I guess if he's inexperienced the simplest thing is to persuade him to take on a bit of barista help. Let's see, please bear with us anyway!
  • Rikki - great - please tell all your friends vegan or otherwise that Kallycooks food is awesome & worth trying! I thing she'd benefit from some extra publicity though I'm obviously doing my best...
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