Emba Soira


  • Is that the Eritrean? No, I tried to go on Sunday having heard it opened on the Saturday, but it was closed.
  • Where is it?
  • @joust the old location of Exotic of India
  • Just eaten there this evening. Fantastic addition to the neighbourhood.
  • i went this evening (sunday!). lovely friendly staff described their culture and way of eating and also how they prepare their spices from scratch. i shared a lovely selection of vegan dishes with two friends, all served on a large bread dish and eaten with fingers (sorry, have forgotten the name of the bread), which along with a beer each and some free tea after came to just £40 including a decent tip, so good value. nice and clean, different tastes, interesting music, and proper vegan range, but plenty for omnivores too. that stretch of road has not been too kind to new businesses, but i've a feeling they might just make it, so spread the word and help them along.
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    The food is delicious and a welcome, uncommon addition to the mixture of cuisines we have on SGR these days (which seems to go from strength to strength). I really hope it thrives, but I'd be happy to pay a little more if they employed a seasoned waiter who could help to improve the pace of service, which currently is relaxed if not downright slow and inattentive.
  • That's the only problem with Lalibela in Tufnell Park, lovely food but it takes 3 hours to have dinner.
  • See also Addis Ababa on Seven Sisters Road.
  • This place is really good. Went there on Tuesday and the food was great, a step above the similar meals I'd had before. The sourdough injera was just delicious and worked really well as a base for other flavours. The service was fine, in fact we were in a rush and they looked after us really well.
  • Concur. Went last night, had the meat platter, and it was absolutely superb. They deserve to succeed.
  • Does anyone know what the opening times are of this restaurant? Doesn't seem to be open for Sunday lunch, which is a shame, and possibly not weekday lunchtime either.
  • Went this evening. The lamb zigni was lovely, and came with 5 other vegetable dishes all piled onto a very large plate of injera. My friend had a chicken dish - can't remember the name, buy equally as good. The service was really friendly, and not that long a wait.

    I really hope this place survives, because it will save me going all the way down to Camberwell for decent Eritrean food.
  • I went last week. Absolutely lovely. I really want to know how to make injera - such a fascinating texture!
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