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  • Doubt it. Labour are too preoccupied with fighting their own internal problems.
  • Councillors are you out there?
  • Just spent 2 weeks in Germany and Holland. Our parks are a complete disgrace compared to there. People have different attitudes and the councils recognise the value of quality communal space. Seeing FP this morning was utterly depressing
  • It’s not just the parks, it’s the streets too. Haringey is utterly squalid these days, but the sociopathic litter-dumping residents are surely as much to blame as the cuts to council services.
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  • I am wondering about what is going on at Haringey Council. I haven't seen the words Momentum and Haringey Council in the Evening Standard recently. I was wondering if any one knows what is going on as it just seems to be rubbish all over the place along with loads of pot holes in the roads. Have they run out of money ?
  • I would also like to point out that people are to blame here, not just the council.

    I do understand that we don't live in Japan (or South Korea) where bins are non-existent and people carry their rubbish home with them, but a little bit more care wouldn't hurt.

    Of course the council is clearly not doing a good job, but I do feel like people are lazy and don't look for the numerous bins, but just take every opportunity to litter.

    Why would people litter public space is something I will never ever understand to be honest!
  • Ali, that is the perfect description of Haringey Labour - rubbish, all over the place.
  • Maybe. But I'm not going to vote for the bloody lib dem tory wannabe pary
  • I think it is ‘austerity’ and the cuts to council funding, for which the lib dems were absolutely critical for starting (& probably led to brexit). It’d be nice if the Labour counsellors said something, but TBH I’d prefer what little money they have was spent on caring for old people, the schools etc. As much as rubbish is annoying I suspect they have other priorities and have a legal duty to provide other services first.
  • If you want to know a bit more about what the council is doing on housing there are a few articles on the Haringey People that has appeared in the letter box
  • I always wonder how Haringey compares to Islington when you consider Islington has massive megabucks income from the City, they must have a surplus of cash.

    The new stadium must be a godsend for Haringey.
  • Although I'm a bit late to the conversation, I thought that the gigs were really well organised this year, and were much quieter than previously (which must be a shame for the people at them!). I have noticed that there has been an increased amount of litter and have written to the council about it, while encouraging them to keep the gigs going.
  • I'm with fabruce on this. Walked past The Blackstoke on my way to the tube this morning. The road outside was BLANKETED with cigarette butts. Dead canisters everywhere. Is that also the Council's fault? Or maybe......
  • Which council probably Hackney. Part of the problem is that around there are three council boundaries
  • Hackney doesn't start until Green Lanes/Manor House.
    The Park is Haringey, they are very proud of it
  • Looking at the Hackney map it looks like Hackney boundary seems to run along SS Rd from approx Finsbury Park Road to Green Lanes. Ie Finsbury Park Rd is in Hackney. There is a little twist on the boundary at the spot the rubish was complained about which indicates that spot is just in Islington. So not Haringey this time. If was outside the 12 Pins it would be Haringey.
  • @HolbornFox Councils don't get to keep the proceeds of business rates - they go to central government from whence they are redistributed. If anything. an area of the City Fringe - which both Islington and Hackney have - is an area that raises no income for the council.
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  • My rates (or rateable value) under Camden used to be very cheap despite being in The City, i also got a 50% discount on top for only having one premises.

    I was talking to someone who has a restaurant in Epsom and they are charged £800 per month for rates alone.
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