[The Goods Office] What will The Triangle restaurant site become?



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    Oh, actually not. Just noticed the big announcement about prams and pushchairs to the people of Crouch End. I don't want to eat in a playpen.
  • Not many options for organic fair trade gluten free vegans
  • Is that Crouch End account a parody?
  • No the festival is run by some musician type dude, I do know him but cannot remember his name, his misses actually found my dropped bank card once so Googled my company and rang me up to give it back to me... True story.
  • It's Chris, he's a nice fella.
  • Oh my god miss annie they are not going to allow small children on are they?
  • It won't bother me as I won't be there to be bothered by them after seeing the rallying cry for prams. There are still a few places where people who prefer not to be surrounded by crying babies and toddlers whizzing about can go to eat with other adults.
    Each to their own. I'm sure all the children owned by members of this forum are delightful little cherubs, I just don't want to have dinner surrounded by them. Other people's children are generally like holiday photos - fascinating if yours or belonging to someone you love, absolutely tiresome when belonging to strangers.
  • Crouchenders don't travel well - I imagine they won't make it over the ridge.

    Do not go to Hawker Union under any circumstances @miss annie , it is marred by tykes.
  • I'm sure they can get an uber over the hill and carry on with the important discussions about starting an organic duel nappy and wine service, Trump and the latest kitchen utensils.
  • Menu looks good - doesn't look like the sort of thing would attract hordes of families.

    It would be sad to write off a new addition to the 'hood on the basis that there may at some point be children in it - and that's coming from someone who would rather dine amongst bears than badly behaved kids.

    Of course when they open during the day they may be glad of the local mums, as there's very little day trade in the area as it is.
  • God forbid a business recognises it’s catchment and sends out a message to say you’re welcome. Kids will be in bed in evening and mums and dads will find better places to appease their own needs at the expense of their kids. I think it also speaks volumes that parents feel like they need to be invited to be welcome. Europe has it right, everyone’s welcome, this is life. If the food is good then everyone’s coming, and we’ll tolerate whatever happens.

    Each to their own ref kids in restaurants, and I can completely visualise the people described and get it. That said, it’s the adults that let themselves down most of the time. The kids are just there because of mum and dad.
  • I guess we are nearly a third country
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    Thank you @Brodiej for mansplaining what I said. My exact point was let them do what they like, it's personal preference whether I want to eat in a room full of prams.
    Had you read the first page you would have seen that the tweet was not from the restaurant but from the Crouch End page. I've spent enough time in Crouch End eateries over the last twenty years to be as familiar as I need to be with the behaviour of the restaurant going children of Crouch End.
    Your point about parents needing to 'be invited' is laughable, if you can find me an eating or drinking place in Stroud Green without a child in it it in the evenings I will be amazed. There was even a small pram in Max's the other day, and that is usually a safe bet for adults.
  • I usually find Season to be child-free, from memory. The Brave Sir Robin is, I'd say, pitched at too young an audience to be overly troubled by infants either. Elsewhere it can be tricky. I've blown a gasket in Pappagone on more than one occasion because of children slamming into my seat or table during dinner, with parents seemingly oblivious.
  • @ Missannie. I hope they don't open a family friendly roll mop herring restaurant as you'll be in a bit of a predicament.
  • How is this going?
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