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  • A nice illustration, @tosscat . I'm not upset by the use of "mansplaining", @miss annie , just irritated by it, as this sort of sexist language denigrating men seems to be accepted where a similarly insulting term applied to women (such as "womoan") wouldn't, so I do like to have a good ol' poke (admittedly a suspiciously masculine term) when I see it in use.
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    Binary indeed. Haven't heard womoan before, is that your own invention? Is man flu still acceptable or is it just a cold again now?

    I work with a lot of younger folk, a few of whom identify as non gender, and one Trans person so have got used to they, their and person as a default first choice until I find out which pronoun is their choice.
  • It has a ~10% of the Google results as 'mansplaining' so not unheard of.
    I can't abide the term 'man flu': as aggressive as relabelling menses as 'woman flu'.
  • "Man flu" was never acceptable. A man with 'flu just has the same flu a woman would have. Similarly, a common cold, just like common ignorance, blights both genders.
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    Scruffy, Going from a suggestion that people should have thicker skins rather than be upset about the term 'mansplaining', to a claim that this is advocating the widespread use of abusive racist language is not 'extrapolating', I would argue it is applying flawed logic.

    Mind you, I'm guessing the same logic you applied there was that you also used to decry sexist language but you would call me a c***

    I'm not fussed, I'd be a hypocrite if I was having advocated a thicker skin.

    Ps, please take this in the good humoured nature it’s intended in.
  • Papa L, it's extrapolating in the sense that any such language, whether mild or extremely offensive, is aimed at a specific group of the population as a generalisation, so I went to the more extreme examples. The c*** comment was meant in the same vein, but nonetheless, vulgar as it might be, I'm not convinced it's sexist, as it can be applied to either gender (as I do).

    I think we're all pretty good-humoured here, but some of us enjoy the verbal rough-and-tumble more than others.
  • Please be straight, white and male @Scruffy , otherwise I'll fail to contextualise the previous post in full.
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    Just to help your contextual orientation, @tosscat , I'll have you know I'm a stateless, mixed-race, albino, part-time lesbian amputee brothel-keeping reformed Jew for Jesus, with shares in Tesco, an honourary doctorate in an indeterminate field of study from East Cheam Adult Day Centre, a history of psychological projection, and two cats.
  • In the interests of full disclosure, I should add that I invented the armpit merkin, two of which I wear to this day.
  • Tut! So the cats didn't swing it?
  • I had to look up merkin.
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