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  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    @Papa L - loving Vittorios! Cheapest coffee on Stroud Green, and such a friendly man!
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    Went to Vittorio's today for coffee & sandwich and liked it. Reasonably priced, freshly made sandwich to order plus a good range of products.
    Will definitely be back!
  • Hi all, it's the owner of Traiteur responding to some of your kind words. We are indeed open for business again after a well deserved break over the first few months of the year (Mauritius in January is hard to tear away from!). As much as I tried to push forward with the delicatessen model, I have had to admit defeat in that footfall was not high enough to support what was a really cheap and creative way of providing freshly made food for my customers. Instead, you are all welcome to come and experience our new a la carte menu offering food that is unique to our area, drawing on our Michelin experience. We are open Tuesday- Saturday 6-10pm and for lunch on Sunday. Premise licence is currently being processed so it's still byo for now.
    For future reference; I would advise ignoring the gossip mongers!
  • I tried Traiteur one evening last week, the food was superb and the team very welcoming. Highly recommended.
  • We went to Traiteur last night. OMG, the food is amazing! SG is becoming seriously gastro, which makes me very happy :)
  • Traiteur is smashing now. Looking forward to Autumn menu
  • Can't wait to go! Sounds amazing
  • Deli wars is back on, Italian Farmers is open again after months of work to do as far as I can tell pretty much nothing.

    Wonder whether any of the new openings on SGR will be deli's too - the former furniture shop (I think) near Yak and Yeti looks like it could be a deli judging from the counter and tiles.
  • This is a jumper over shirt wet dream.
  • I wear a jumper over a shirt and am delighted by the profusion of delis, although I think we probably have enough by now. What we really need is a shop specialising in artisanal fermented goods, natural biodynamic wines, sea vegetables, turmeric lattes and fresh micro-herbs.
  • Crazy to think that maybe 5% of SGR is Italian.
  • There have always been quite a few Italian s around guess we just seeing more Italian establishments on the street
  • Lots of French people in N1, never really known why.
  • I rember when the only deli was the counter in Woody's.
  • From memory, La Forchetta in its various incarnations was the first one. I also remember an Italian deli near Mind: I think it was called "Aromi e Gusti".
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  • There's a lot of Italians in Stroud Green, I remember much celebration up and down it when Italy won the World Cup in 2006 in the infamous Zidane headbutt game.

    The sudden proliferation of delis is interesting - a combination of gentrification and the clustering effect I suspect. Nice to keep getting a good choice of independent shops though.

    Funnily enough we share an Italian Farmer's shop with the airport in Lamezia in Calabria, where there is also one.
  • The Italian Farmers shop is no longer the genuine article, not franchised by the Coldiretti organic/artisan farmers' cooperative, though I think they may have taken over some of the stock. The actual chain is the leading artisanal retail outlet in Italy. There's one in most airports now probably. Not sure if they're really supposed to be using the name.
  • When I lived off Tollington Park in the 90s on a corner plot, I had seven neighbours across the garden fence. Five of them were Italian. The Christmas gifts were amazing.
  • The artisaning of SGR has made it to today's Observer
    The New Review section page 3 bottom right
  • What's the title of the piece, Ali, or could you post a photo? I've looked online but can't find it.
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    I noticed that the tapas place in Crouch End that used to be called La Bota on Tottenham Lane just before the Picture House, is now called La Fabrica. Wonder if it's the same people as SG.
  • @TheMimsy yes, it is the same. They took it over last year, I think, and renamed it Sabor for a bit, but have now changed it to La Fabrica. I've eaten there once - good but not as good as ours - but they've just has a menu revamp, and I'm trying that out on Thu. Will report back!
  • I used to really like La Bota, not been there in a while, They did a fantastic ribs dish.
  • Only one left standing no Vittorio's is closed for good. Porcheta and the SG Convenience store shut that part of the strip is looking a bit sad I noticed that the Tapas had a black board advertising Tapas for less than a fiver
    I guess if you don't use it you loose it
  • Is Vittorio's permanently closed? Oh no!
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    SG looks a bit more like it used to now. I did wonder how many of those delis would last - they were always empty. It's always interesting how many people are sad about a place closing when they never actually shop or eat there.
    We do have a whole foods shop with fabulous produce - Stroud Green Fruit& Veg. The one with all the plants outside, beside the craft beer place. It is AMAZING.
  • I second SG Fruit & Veg - the stuff is great and lasts ages. They also have an amazing selection of unusual stuff, much of which i wouldn't know what to do with.
  • Get more staff on those tills though!
    It is very good - I love the muscat grapes.
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