Italian Farmers

Have they just gone on hols ? Hope so as it seem to have been closed for quite a while ?


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  • My Italian acquaintance G. who hangs around outside the White Lion, tells me Italian Farmers decided to take a break for a few weeks because there isn't enough custom in the summer. Probably a lot of the customers go back to the Med for the summer, like swallows.
  • Anyone know when (if?) this is reopening?
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    We were at the closing event. They told us they would stay closed for a couple of months or so, in order to carry on some works in the basement. I don't think they had any plans to close down for good, will probably reopen soon.
  • I wonder if there business model is still okay with Brexit. Everything they source must have gone up by 12% because of the pound devaluation against the Euro. I guess we also will see price increases in the other Italian restaurants on the street.
  • Anybody suffering from severe Italian Farmers withdrawal should check out the Mercato Metropolitano complex, which has just opened near Elephant & Castle. It's massive. Big supermarket (reassuringly expensive, of course) and lots of food/drink options. You can make an evening of it.
  • Why are expensive foodstuffs reassuring? We all know the mark ups, so surely the only thing it reassures one of is being slightly gullible?
  • The big Mercato Metropolitano in Milan has shut now, looked like someone had done a flit when I walked past it. There are very similar things in Lisbon as well. Expensive foodstuffs or 'street food'? The food in Italy is incredible. The food served up in car parks in Dalston is yet to tempt me to queue up for half an hour and spend 8 quid on a bacon roll, even if twitter did scream at me that it was #sogood #hellyeah
  • @holbornfox not forgetting *THOSE* gluten-free dumplings #instafood #thisislondon

    Italian restaurants can be pretty average and overpriced here. Trullo is a very good one though in highbury and Islington.

    Better to learn how to cook italian good yourself, and italian farmers supports that. Just don't buy the stuff that you think isn't worth it (and there's a lot of that in there, like their bread.....)
  • There's a huge tarp hanging on the shutter today. Re-opening soon!
  • Is closed and gone for ever.

    Message from on the shutters Massimo saying it will reopen under new management in a few weeks real shame as he is such a good guy !

    Had some great times in there
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  • Don't worry Gardener Joe, the only bad people appears to be anyone who worked in the Obama administration (and possibly David Walliams who even is mother was not enamoured with the Nightly Show!)

    Looking forward Actualy to the next chapter as the shop always felt like a missed opportunity (like any good Italian deli - Da Mario in Highbury for example) Vittorios is making a stab at it though more fresh pasta perhaps from local producers would be great.
  • ... is no more. There’s a bailiff notice on the shutters.
  • I noticed that Steves Newagents was closed / empty as well earlier.
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    That's been closed for quite a while now. Loads of fixtures still in it. There are quite a lot of empty shops again.
  • The shutters are up and work going on inside. I wonder what is comming
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    Yes, I have seen that today. It would be nice to see the Italian Farmer version 1 coming back. Work in the future wine seller started too.

    Btw, I also noticed some work going on next to season restaurant and also in that place that was used to grow weed, just a bit further down. Anyone know what those will be?
  • I still miss Italian Farmers Version 1.0. It was very good.
  • @MF, me too. That chocolate hazelnut spread they used to stock, the artichoke cream, the pecorinos... There was some good stuff and they were lovely people.
  • The food evenings were also delicious and a bargain.
  • Seems like we are getting another wine bar sort of place where Farmers used to be
    Opening soon ScotING to the sign. Wine, cheese and charcuterie
  • What happened to the Brexocalypse?
  • Obvious we are still in the EU. Maybe ask the question on s local blogg on Swindon
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    Why would I do that?

    I think Colonel Van Grumpy Pants needs a hug.
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