Newsagent opposite Londis

Anyone know what this will be? It's being thoroughly gutted.


  • It is being converted into studio space by N4Workout to host their exercise classes.
  • Ah thanks. My hope for a bar have been dashed.
  • Humph! So much for the Nick Nick! Is it so bad that no-one could bring themselves to comment on it when I asked in passing in another post?
  • It's cheap. Not sure it has anything else going for it.
  • Its the closest pub to my house, and I love pints. But I've not ventured in yet.

    I get the feeling that its one of those places that still has a bar from the 90s
  • Any idea what bitter(s) (if any) they serve?
  • In my mind I am imagining Tetleys.

    With Carling, Fosters and Strongbow.

    And wine on tap.

    I really should pop in one evening and get over my snobbishness.
  • It was actually Bass a few years back when I frequented it.
  • We had a pint in the Nick Nick a few years back, when my sister and husband had to bail from fireworks at St Aidan's due to their toddler.

    They'd been welcomed in by the landlady and locals when they arrived, as were we when we arrived with our two little ones. We just had a quick pint but it was a friendly place.

    There's a few pubs between my house and there though, so never had cause to go back.
  • The furniture and bar are so random and confused that if they ripped out the reeking carpet and plaster it would instantly become a hipster establishment.
  • Reeking carpet, eh? My curiosity about the place has just died. Can't stand pubs that smell of stale beer or poorly-serviced toilets, even if they have a decent bitter on tap.
  • Do yo remember when the smoking ban came in and all of a sudden the true smell of pubs could be smelt?

    Stale beer, piss, and shit.

    I was in Leeds at the time and I think all my regular pubs had new carpets and the seats cleaned.
  • I may have exaggerated the carpet stench. But it's both filthy and threadbare.
  • It sells Bass, Spitfire and is one of the few places in London you can get Sussex Bitter all the time. I think most of the comments above are quite accurate. It does have a darts team and a set of regulars which at most number about 8. I checked it out once and it looses about £150k s year and is owned by a man from East Sussex who is not Paul McCartney. I can remember when it opened it was a long time ago and I don't think it has been decorated. Just shocked myself to see it has a web site.
  • I heard that the man from Sussex is a farmer who uses it to offset it against taxes or some such.
  • The ex-roadie barman is a bit of a ledge in the Nick, although i offended him once by offering to buy him a beer..,. go figure.

    That's a good shout about the hipster angle, or just bang some grindcore on for a whole separate market.
  • We popped in once, could immediately smell that infamous carpet, but the lad behind the bar was really friendly. Didn't realise it was cash only so went across the road to get some, followed by the barman who had to buy ice and lemons. Think I was the first person to order a G&T in there for some time.

    With a bit of a refresh (read: deep clean, as opposite to gentrification/hipster makeover), it could be nice!
  • Yeah that guy has some stories. Including about some people he was roadie for who'd you'd think were relatively tame. He told me something unrepeatable about Paul Young that... has never left me.
  • I could tell you something unrepeatable about Dexter Fletcher and Julia Sawalha but maybe some other time.
  • The roadie drinks white wine
  • From the N4 Workout newsletter-
    ‘The landlord of 4 Ferme Park Road (our new premises) pulled the plug on us two weeks ago. He has now had planning permission accepted for a residential flat and office, which is now beginning to build. The fact that he made me believe it was ours as we had paid for all the legal stuff didn’t seem to phase him. So we're still on the lookout for another property close by for the same concept. In the meantime, our current landlord has once again agreed to start work on the back extension for 2019... Thanks for bearing with us!’
  • Looks like this will be a cafe... I think the new sign says 'Cafe 77' but I only caught a glimpse.
  • Good stuff.
    We're short on cafes
  • Not enough places to drink coffee in N4.
  • Not at that location
  • I like the goods office, and am often in there for something to drink.

    I had a Sunday dinner there recently. It was cracking.
  • Ah, I haven't had the roast yet. I do like that place but it feels like something is missing on the 'cosy' side. I'd quite like it if the cafe opposite was a bit more at the greasy spoon end - Goods Office has great food but charges £7 for a takeaway sausage sandwich (of which I'm a connoisseur, naturally).
  • Neil isn't part of it any longer apparently.
    I have no more information.
  • Yeah. It's not cheap.
    A good/bad greasy spoon would be ace.
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