Someone shot in LIDL tonight.

Just before I came out of the station, shortly before 10pm. TfL staff told me about it, no idea if the person is dead.


  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    And a stabbing
  • Did anyone get searched by the police this morning at the station. There is a section 60 in the local area
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Not I, but if I am I’ll be more than happy to direct them to the car that is selling drugs outside my flat.
  • A lot of police at station exit at tea-time.

    However they missed by bike being stolen, presumably D-lock being sawn through on the railings opposite, outside the closed 'Zelman drinks' bar in broad daylight sometime this afternoon. Lovely one year old Boardman URB 8.9 worth over a grand with accessories.
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    @rikki It's covered in cameras as well, will they access the CCTV?
  • i doubt it - police are far too busy prosecuting more than a 1000 climate activists rather than trying to catch thieves.
  • Confirmed - i have a crime ref number and an 'insufficient leads' letter - no attempt to access CCTV at all. Meanwhile there were 15 vans full of police just sitting around for hours, for a few hundred non-violent Extinction Rebellion protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday morning.
  • Frustrating, this is why so many people ride old bikes now, including me.
  • Me too. An ancient, battered but trusty Raleigh Classic.
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    Although funnily enough, if someone was to steal my 1990's Marin Bobcat mountain bike I would be absolutely gutted.

    I also have a Team Raleigh Banana which is cool, if life threatening on the roads.
  • Just an observation...Extraordinary how an horrific thread subject matter quickly turns in to a chat about what bicycles people ride..
  • Just a digression descending into the somewhat ephemeral. Seems natural enough, at least until someone comes up with new information or an insight into the shooting. (Mine’s a second-hand Raleigh foldable; not even worth nicking for parts. Raleigh bikes these days…)
  • I can't help but sing the thread title to the tune of "Someone saved my life tonight".
  • It would be horrific to be shot in Lidl.

    Bludgeoned in Fortnum & Mason is so much more eloquent.
  • "Bludgeoned in Fortnum & Mason" is the title of Morrissey's latest album.
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    Morrissey is on the hate list of many Guardian readers now anyway, only certain opinions are allowed.
  • Doesn't that rather depend what you mean by 'allowed'? Given he's now an out and out white nationalist a degree of opprobium seems reasonable.
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    I really don't see Morrissey as an out and out white nationalist, but even that comment will leave me open to attack from certain quarters so probably easier not have an adult conversation.
  • He said he prefers whites and supports an anti Islam political party.

    So it's pretty clear cut.
  • I don’t know about this “Morrissey”, but there are those for whom being parcel-bombed by Abel & Cole would be something about which they would boast.
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    "Morrissey" was in Men Behaving Badly with Martin Clunes but is now a white supremacist with a garish taste in shirts.

    I saw him once in The Kings Head with Jane from Eastenders, on reflection if he prefers whites maybe that's why he does hang out in Crouch End (ironically the same reason that I tend not to hang out there that often).
  • I used to think, when he was in the earlier phases of his political voice that he could say almost anything and I'd always love him for the smiths, not sure I can quite stand by it now. Louder than bombs though, changed my life.
  • Which compilation albums have changed everybody else's lives?
  • @tosscat that was the very finest level of patronisation, congrats!
  • Nice of you to ask, @tosscat . K-Tel's "Now That's What I Call Novelty Hits, Vol. XI—The Sizzling Seventies", featuring Chuck Berry with "My Ding-a-ling" changed my life. It's been down-hill ever since.
  • ikr! i’ve been in training @cmo
  • @cmo you have inspired me to relisten to popjustice’s playlist of each of the best songs of the 100 ntwicm albums so it’s not all for nothing
  • It’s like a compilation concentrate x
  • Sade, it's the 90's personified.
  • Sad. What amazes me about this site is the self-obsession. I don't think most people care about people being shot but about how it might affect their experience of Stroud Green. Thatcher said there's no such thing as society. I learnt when I mentioned I lived in social housing how true that was - you have no right to complain about noise ....boris is elected, surprise, surprise.
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