Someone shot in LIDL tonight.



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    It's because people think having a house and hand wringing over issues they have no idea about induces intelligence.

    Divide et impera.
  • They think it will make them more intelligent? Divide and rule?
    totally lost me
  • @kreuzkav Self-interest is a good motivator for wanting to live in a decent society. Your references to social housing, noise, and Boris are unclear. Since there’s nothing else going on in this thread, would you explain?
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    @AtomGallery the mode of thinking is encouraged because it divides us and Godwin's law (which is another example) was used in this very thread.

    Julius Caesar clocked it a few years ago.
  • Kreuzkav is complaining about people being self-obsessed, and making his point by spamming the forum, for the millionth time, with his decade-old noise complaint about a business that is no longer there.
  • What would you want people to have posted here?
  • After 10 years of hearing about it, pretty much anything to be honest. Though I do love irony.
  • My reply was aimed at Kreuzkav. (Sorry for the lack of clarity)
  • Ah, the good old Sugar Lounge.
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    Good late night fun in that place, I never did find out why it closed.
  • Some people kept complaing about the noise. I liked it too, we may have crossed paths in there.
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    I would have been the guy dad dancing despite being 25 at the time.

    Do you work in Foyles? If so I think our paths definitely did cross, in the nicest possible way.
  • Was that Chapter One before? Wasn't someone shot there once? (just to bring the thread back on track)
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    I made a complaint on here about noise in 2010 and people just couldn't get it. They then went, move. When I said I lived in social housing, they went you should stop complaining. Basically a two-tier society. I'm happy as I live in a quiet place now. I sometimes visit this site for old times sake. Good luck.
  • I took the piss at the time which I regret. Glad you found somewhere that was right for you, everyone deserves that. Site isn’t as good without your contributions. Come back more often.
  • "I made a complaint on here about noise in 2010 and people just couldn't get it. They then went, move. When I said I lived in social housing, they went you should stop complaining"

    This may have happened, I don't recall every detail. But my recollection is that you just kept repeating the same thing over and over again, in thread after thread, even after people had repeatedly given you the details of the authorities to whom you needed to complain to get an actual result - i.e. not Eventually everyone lost patience. The supposed class prejudice was mostly or entirely in your head.
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    Arkady, the class prejudice wasn't just in my head. It existed and exists. I was told again and again that I was lucky to have subsidised housing. I had second class rights to protest about noise. Yes, I was going through a bad time in my life. I've edited this as I think it's the past and agree with Ali. Anyhow, good luck to you all. Your hearts are in the right place.
  • Be fair most of most of what people think comes from one's head ! I do remember that night tme limits were instagated for a while to help reduce some of he wilder posts at the time. We all should be pleased that K has been able to move on. Agree nobody including need to drag all the old stuff up
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