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Papa L


Papa L
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  • geog_research
    Hi, I am doing a geography research project for a level about the Finsbury Park redevelopment and wondered if you could answer some questions. It would be a great help if you could!

    2) how long have you been a resident?
    I am a previous resident I am not a resident 0-5 years 5-10 years 10-15 years 15 years or more

    3) If not, what would you say you use the area for (name all that apply)
    Transport Work Shopping Culture Sport Outdoor activities Other

    4) In your opinion, what word or phrase best describes Finsbury park?

    5) How could Finsbury park be improved?
    Better infrastructure More efficient tube station More shops/ leisure activities Other (please say)

    6) What would you say is the best feature of Finsbury park?

    7) Do you feel safe in the area? (on a scale from 1 to 10)

    8) Do you feel the area is very polluted?
    Somewhat Yes No

    9) Do you feel the area is overcrowded?
    Somewhat Yes No

    10) How would you rate finsbury park?(1-10)
    June 30
  • KateMatheson
    Hi there Where did you get your stats re. Vagabond from? Thanks Kate
    February 14
  • tp277
    Hi Papa L. I am writing a news article for Islington Now about the planned road calming measures on Tollington Park road. I would like to use this quote in the piece: 'Rubbish and recycling is one thing Islington does very well indeed, whereas it hasn't quite got the hand of local democracy, repairing roads and pavements, or not wasting money on half-baked traffic schemes.' But to do so, I need your full name and age, if possible. If you are happy for me to use this quote, perhaps you could email me: Much appreciated Tom
    October 2013
  • stapletontavern
    Hi Papa L, Sam from the Stapleton here. I am writing to apologise to both you and your daughter for being asked to leave prematurely. We are licensed to have children on our premises until 7pm. What I am assuming has happened is that a supervisor asked a member of staff to remind you of this, giving you 30minutes grace. This has probably been misinterpreted by the staff member resulting in you being asked to leave then and there. All staff have now been reminded of our policy, so please come and ask for me the next time you are in, as I feel a complimentary beverage is due to you for our error. Yours, Sam
    May 2012