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Peter Crumb


Peter Crumb
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  • elski
    Yes they put up posters saying they found a cat, or rather she found them. They said she just followed them home one night, invited herself!
    That was last Friday/Saturday. They put posters up.
    But then she escaped from them early hours of Monday morning. So when I was alerted tp the posters they had been taken down. Fortunately I had been sent a photo of the poster and could definitely see it was her, she has distinct markings.
    So then I started putting up posters all the way down Hornsey Road and that estate and then tracked back home with no luck.
    Fortunately she was smart enough to return to the same people and they called me. She must have somehow known they would take care of her.

    After her return I was also told of a sighting if her on Moray Road opposite the WB Yeats pub on Wednesday so at least she was heading north. I had also walked that way on Tuesday night I wonder if she was tracking my scent?

    Either way very relieved.
    November 2019