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  • I’d like to put the final nail in capital cars’ coffin. If I’d read this thread beforehand, I’d ha e been saved a lot of grief but I’ve been very loyal to them over the years, didn’t realise there was a change of ownership, and was badly let down on…
  • Yes there is a lift that gets you in a side entrance.
  • The vouchers are visitor permits so certainly not void. If it’s only a couple of days I’d be very surprised if the council system was updated so that wardens would know you were no longer a resident.
  • Getting the old BT line put back in isn’t that difficult - I switched from Virgin and it cost I think an extra £49 for that. As I was halving my monthly broadband bill (40ish to 20ish) it was worthwhile. I switched first to Origin and now with plus …
  • I ditched Virgin last year, took a gamble with Origin Broadband which at the time were offering £17.99 per month for broadband and phone line. Seems a bit of a barebones operation, so not sure how reliable they'd be if anything went wrong, but for 9…
  • Yes I saw a date that was some way off, probably March as Dion says. Surely they can't start the FP stairway closures while this is happening?
  • What's happened to the Crisis charity shop? That unit is now up for auction?
  • Tried O&H the other night and it was great. Good burgers and not expensive. Just like Rub was when it first opened and before the disastrous menu changes. Best of luck to them.
  • You might be interested in Not partisan as far as I can tell, also not constantly updated for the latest swings, but that's probably a good thing. Loads of detail including individual constituencies.
  • My daughter went to Angle on Middle Lane, all went fine and they were friendly. Was on NHS but I expect they do non-NHS too.
  • This is separate from the other proposal (Thameslink extension?) isn't it? I'm struggling to keep up. If that one goes ahead then I guess we shouldn't mind that Crossrail goes round rather than through FP.
    in Crossrail 2 Comment by ShaunG June 2014
  • Yes Morag's was the most interesting, but isn't that because she seems to have ignored the brief (lighting) and focused on the walls? Made me think that it's a bit tough for the designers to come up with a proposition without being part of a wide…
  • I am very confused. When did Andy turn into "CrankyITguy"?
  • Do you book or is it just turn up?
  • According to the blog it will be a French deli, and they'll do bread, so I have great hopes for it filling the bakery gap in SGR....
  • Doesn't look like the local tickets are discounted. Same price, just reserved.
  • My 16 year old daughter (v responsible and mature) is looking for babysitting work locally. Would be paid but not a fortune. Direct mail me if interested.
  • Concert this Sunday in St Mellitus church (Tollington Park) by the London Medical Orchestra. Always ends with carols. 7:30 kick off, pay on the door, mince pies and mulled wine at half time.
  • @chitori - I cycle to Westminster from SGR. I start as you described - St Thomas's road and round the emirates, cross over Holloway Rd and Liverpool Rd to get to Westbourne and Thornhill through to Amwell Street and Roseberry Avenue (as Kreuzkav des…
  • I think of the place beside the post office as a pound shop. And there was a short-lived one earlier this year beside Snow White dry cleaners. The one beside Ivory was also what I'd call a pound shop, though with an emphasis on DIY bits.
  • I believe the person who took over from Shah is very good. There was an interim who had very bad feedback, but the permanent replacement much better. I've not been myself but have heard positive things from people who have.
    in Dentists N4 Comment by ShaunG July 2013
  • So is this Ariana's/ Sun & Moon reborn?
  • Just to repeat the thanks to Patrick and the rest in the Fullback for doing a great job with clearing up around the pub. An awful lot of the crowd in the street brought their own beer so weren't actually pub customers, but the team did a great job c…
  • Went to see Yellow Face yesterday. Really excellent. Don't be deceived into thinking that because of being in the smaller space it's any less substantial. I thought it was some way a fuller and better experience than These Shining Lives (which I sti…
  • Had my bike fixed in there and can recommend. Very friendly, and as Carpo says, advise on fixing/ maintaining/ renewing parts rather than trying to sell you a new bike. I think the coffee is to try to attract more regular drop-in check-ups for your …
  • But it was quite fun hearing all the deaf people in the audience burst out laughing at a joke we hadn't quite followed.
    in Park Theatre Comment by ShaunG May 2013
  • Of the four, one very good (adoption), one quite good & impressive acting (girl in cellar), the other two okay. But I saw these as giving the place a try-out, and giving the theatre company a venue, rather than a full part of Park's repertoire. …
    in Park Theatre Comment by ShaunG May 2013
  • Here for pre-launch piece described above by Arkady. Definitely still work in progress (people painting walls around us, ceiling clearly expected to be added in bar). But great atmosphere, all staff really friendly, and it's going to be a fantastic …
    in Park Theatre Comment by ShaunG May 2013
  • Front doors on now, and seats were going in as I passed. But from what I saw they do have a fair bit still to do. Still tickets available for opening night, and plenty for other nights.
  • @papa l - I thought if you replaced the chain you really do need a new cassette at the same time so they'll wear evenly. Or have I been duped? I never liked 2 wheels good. Found the staff somewhat sneery, and tried to convince me I really needed …