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  • Are you wrestling it?  (Sorry.)
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  • I actually think this is a great idea. Sewing is a useful, practical skill. Sewing on buttons, hemming, repairing small rips, darning socks: all good things to know how to do - especially for anyone with children - and none of which require a sewing…
  • I think I've been lucky - it seems to me that most of the time when cars are in ASLs it's because they've mistimed the lights and had to stop rather than just not caring that they shouldn't be there. Although a few times the latter has definitely be…
  • It would be fantastic to collect all these stories up and publish them.
  • I saw Depp in Greenwich when he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Greenwich is pretty good for sleb spots because they film at the Old Royal Naval College quite a lot. Also saw Ben Barnes when he was filming Dorian Grey. Watched them filming T…
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  • For those feeling like they're unrepresented/unimportant to the various parties, I'm sure there must be issues close to your hearts for which you could find out what the parties' policies are.  There was a lot of strong feeling about cutting tre…
  • Well the planet is way overpopulated. Killing off a couple of billion would definitely help.
  • I'm with Misscara. I'm quite capable of seeing what's wrong with the present incumbents. What I want to know is how any potentials are going to make it better. And empty promises aren't enough. I want evidence and facts. I really want to know how it…
  • London is flipping awesome, but I suspect Londoncentricity is bad for the country as a whole, and probably bad for London too. The second city discussion from a while back kind of touched on this, as did the TV programme about the UK's (lack of) sec…
  • A lady I used to work with opens her garden up for this. She used to be editor of The English Garden magazine. I've seen some photos of her garden on Facebook and it is truly stunning.
  • Stella, that's exactly how I feel - I think euphoria is definitely the right word. It's just so much fun and I feel so energised at the end of a ride. It's why I've never regretted cycling to work, no matter what the weather, I still feel great when…
  • It was indeed the Odeon on Holloway Road. I should have stopped and taken a photo, but I was enjoying my ride too much
  • I didn't go via the Parkland Walk simply because Google didn't tell me to. All I do for my cycling adventures is think of somewhere I'd like to visit, put it into Google Maps and get Google's cycling directions from my house. Keep in mind, too, that…
  • So, I bought a new bike: And today I cycled to Kenwood House. This involved cycling on the A10 and A1. I reckon if you can cycle on the A1 in London you can pret…
  • Might be worth putting a shout out on Freecycle too - if you haven't already
  • Rain stopped play today. I was planning on doing my favourite short ride to Stokey for brunch and then back along the River Lea towpath. Hopefully it'll be nicer tomorrow.
  • "It leaves the really cool kids [...] in Zone 3, or worse." Good God! Zone 3? People have to live in zone 3? Oh the HORROR. Cool London isn't dead. It's just moved on and left Alex Proud behind, because he's too old, too wealthy and too priv…
  • Great ride today. Went to Pitfield Gallery, just off Old Street, to see an exhibition of bugs made from litter. Litterbugs. Then lunch in the cafe. Then home. 14 miles in all.
  • I would give Virgin customer services a call. They probably won't givea refund but it's always worth asking.
  • I'm quite disappointed it doesn't address cycling at all. Surely that would be one way to reduce the pressure on the transport system, reduce pollution and save money.
  • Cats Whiskers are a cat-sitting service: Not sure about costs, but it's less disruptive for the cat.
  • I once lived in a flat that was practically falling apart. The only heating was three gas fires - one each in the kitchen, living room and one bedroom; the one in the kitchen didn't work. The floorboards had shrunk away from the walls, leaving big g…
  • Lewisham always used to be cheap (again in London context) and I prefer it to Catford. The problem I have with the plans - and this isn't just London, or even the UK, but the entire world - is how to balance the needs of a growing population wit…
  • There should be a 'like' option for that post.
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  • Yup. I'll definitely be there!
  • [eats all the food] Nothing to see here, people. Move along...
  • I just wanted to say to Sutent that I enjoy reading your posts and have never thought of them as especially inarticulate. 
  • Very pleased about this
  • "Brunch is not after breakfast and before lunch. It is instead of both." So I can't have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper all in one day? This is most disappointing.
  • Most healthy adult cats will easily see off a fox - there are some brilliant videos on YouTube. Don't leave food out for them; it'll only encourage rats. But, yeah, as everyone has already said, nothing to worry about. 
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