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  • Fancy dress?
  • Difficult to say with any authority, but your description of it as smallish suggests Kestrel. Sparrowhawks and Peregrines are bigger. There are definitely Kestrels in the area.
  • What makes something brunch rather than lunch? 
  • "What would you prefer to call them if not vermin?" Probably nuisance species would be better. That's not a legally defined term either, but it doesn't carry the sam negative connotations as vermin.  But really in the context of this forum a…
  • "Lord Whitty: There is no definition of the term "vermin" in UK law." No one said that a cockroach nest is subjective. It's the application of emotive and …
  • Everything I post is erudite, amusing, entertaining and informative.
  • @conformable_kate You're completely right. Neither vermin nor pest are legally defined terms, though people try to use them as such, generally to justify killing something. It pretty much amounts to 'I don't like [insert species here]' and the terms…
  • Forums tend to ebb and flow as people join and leave. I'd say this one is doing well to still be going, as a lot of this sort of thing has migrated over to community pages on Facebook.  I think a quote option would be nice. That way when things …
  • The birds on Tate Modern are Peregrine Falcon. The ones in Mornington Crescent probably will be too. Peregrines are naturally cliff-nesting birds, but they're adapting quite well to the urban environment and using tall buildings as 'cliffs'. You can…
  • Can you not just ignore/skip over posts by anyone who's being less than helpful?
  • "My previous guy seems to have vanished, as have others I've tried!" Is A taking out the competition?
  • There's an app for that!
    in Lancaster Road Comment by Idoru April 2
  • Just like anything you read in the Daily Mail, it's best to take anything Chang posts with a large pinch of salt...
  • How do you complete it? I got up to 3,288 but then failed.
    in Game Comment by Idoru March 27
  • There were two rival gangs where I grew up. The Arbury gang, which is the estate I grew up on, and the Milton Road gang. My next door neighbour's brother had both his arms broken by the Milton Road gang. He wasn't a member of the Arbury gang and did…
  • I went to the kind of school where pupils stabbed the teachers (this actually happened). It was also the 13th-worst-performing secondary school in all of England and Wales. You really don't need to be in London to have bullying, violence or a poor e…
  • I grew up in Cambridge, which is pretty cosmopolitan (although not to the same degree as London) and has music venues, galleries, theatres, museums etc. But I wouldn't want to move back to raise children. I'd much rather raise them here. Cambridge i…
  • Glad that he's ok.  Hopefully he won't let it put him off cycling.
  • So inspired by Misscara's suggestion to head north for a change, I cycled to Highgate today. Really lovely ride. Google Maps took me via Alexandra Park. Lots of hills though - I had to get off and walk at times. Coming back was great! High speed of …
  • I have the power of the voodoo
    in RIP Bob Crow Comment by Idoru March 14
  • Sorry, I didn't mean build new cities, but rather build up the ones that are already there. So instead of one (massive) hub in the south-east and one smaller in the north. So maybe Cambridge in the east, Portsmouth or Brighton in the south, Manchest…
  • On the subject of national media, I can't promise anything but if you can prepare a press release and send it to me we might be able to put something on our website. We'll need all relevant info and pic. But if the trees are earmarked for felling to…
  • Part of North America. Anyhoo, a plaza sounds like a great idea. And dare I suggest a wildlife garden?
  • If, as the article says, cities create hubs which boost whole regions, rather than making one second city, shouldn't we actually be trying to build several? 
  • I'm not sure that's entirely fair. He's a friend to London's richest inhabitants.
    in RIP Bob Crow Comment by Idoru March 11
  • North America is the continent. Canada is part of that continent. NorthNineteen was entirely correct.
  • Cola cubes, cola bottles and parma violets.
    in Dinosour eggs Comment by Idoru March 9
  • Lovely ride today. Along the River Lee through Walthamstow Marshes and Hackney Marshes and then Hertford Union Canal to Victoria Park. Pub lunch and then home.
    in SG Cycling Club Comment by Idoru March 9
  • The playground in Stationers Park is awesome.