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  • Great ride today. Went to Pitfield Gallery, just off Old Street, to see an exhibition of bugs made from litter. Litterbugs. Then lunch in the cafe. Then home. 14 miles in all.
  • I would give Virgin customer services a call. They probably won't givea refund but it's always worth asking.
  • I'm quite disappointed it doesn't address cycling at all. Surely that would be one way to reduce the pressure on the transport system, reduce pollution and save money.
  • Cats Whiskers are a cat-sitting service: Not sure about costs, but it's less disruptive for the cat.
  • I once lived in a flat that was practically falling apart. The only heating was three gas fires - one each in the kitchen, living room and one bedroom; the one in the kitchen didn't work. The floorboards had shrunk away from the walls, leaving big g…
  • Lewisham always used to be cheap (again in London context) and I prefer it to Catford. The problem I have with the plans - and this isn't just London, or even the UK, but the entire world - is how to balance the needs of a growing population wit…
  • There should be a 'like' option for that post.
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  • Yup. I'll definitely be there!
  • [eats all the food] Nothing to see here, people. Move along...
  • I just wanted to say to Sutent that I enjoy reading your posts and have never thought of them as especially inarticulate. 
  • Very pleased about this :)
  • "Brunch is not after breakfast and before lunch. It is instead of both." So I can't have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper all in one day? This is most disappointing.
  • Most healthy adult cats will easily see off a fox - there are some brilliant videos on YouTube. Don't leave food out for them; it'll only encourage rats. But, yeah, as everyone has already said, nothing to worry about. 
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  • Ah, brunch is started later than breakfast, with a wider variety of food available and eaten over a much longer time period, often in company. Now that sounds like something I could get into.
  • Yes, but what makes it brunch rather than a late breakfast or early lunch? It is just timing? Because then there's surely no such thing as a brunch menu, just a menu. And you surely can't have an all-day breakfast - it's breakfast then brunch then l…
  • I like the way posts  ramble too. Conversations in real life don't stick to one point. They meander and go off at tangents and completely change and sometimes circle back to the original point. I like it when conversations online do the same. 
  • Fancy dress?
  • Difficult to say with any authority, but your description of it as smallish suggests Kestrel. Sparrowhawks and Peregrines are bigger. There are definitely Kestrels in the area.
  • What makes something brunch rather than lunch? 
  • "What would you prefer to call them if not vermin?" Probably nuisance species would be better. That's not a legally defined term either, but it doesn't carry the sam negative connotations as vermin.  But really in the context of this forum a…
  • "Lord Whitty: There is no definition of the term "vermin" in UK law." No one said that a cockroach nest is subjective. It's the application of emotive and …
  • Everything I post is erudite, amusing, entertaining and informative.
  • @conformable_kate You're completely right. Neither vermin nor pest are legally defined terms, though people try to use them as such, generally to justify killing something. It pretty much amounts to 'I don't like [insert species here]' and the terms…
  • Forums tend to ebb and flow as people join and leave. I'd say this one is doing well to still be going, as a lot of this sort of thing has migrated over to community pages on Facebook.  I think a quote option would be nice. That way when things …
  • The birds on Tate Modern are Peregrine Falcon. The ones in Mornington Crescent probably will be too. Peregrines are naturally cliff-nesting birds, but they're adapting quite well to the urban environment and using tall buildings as 'cliffs'. You can…
  • Can you not just ignore/skip over posts by anyone who's being less than helpful?
  • "My previous guy seems to have vanished, as have others I've tried!" Is A taking out the competition?
  • There's an app for that!
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  • Just like anything you read in the Daily Mail, it's best to take anything Chang posts with a large pinch of salt...
  • How do you complete it? I got up to 3,288 but then failed.
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