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  • Hello, I can recommend Carlos 07557 538138 - he cleaned my windows in and out, cleared the guttering and at a rather competitive price. I got his number from Haringey on line (hol). He has a van and tall ladders which is handy to know if you are not…
  • Marlborough Service Station 170-172 Marlborough Road London N19 4NP I used them a few times and the service, work as well as the price was good. I suggest you get a quote before hand.
  • Hello Try His name is Paul The cost depends on your requirements and best to contact him Outside windows (2 windows + bay): £12 In November, he cleaned a total of 6 windows + 2 bays + 2 velux (ou…
  • Andrew's Barber on Hornsey Road (510c) charges £9 for short back and side. Not as good as Smart Design but usually no queues (incl Saturday)
    in Haircuts Comment by franky August 2016
  • I can recommend Steve on 438 Hornsey road. I've used his services many times (trousers, jacket alteration) not only the service was reliable and at a decent price, the work was well done and rather quick.
  • I went to a dinner @ Clandestino and it was a good night. The food was very tasty and always good to meet people from different walks of life. I see supper clubs as a cross between a dinner party, pop-up restaurant and a hint of 'come dine with me' …
    in ... Comment by franky August 2012