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  • Not as local to you but Tufnell Park Parents ( have a list of babysitters and nannies etc that other parents have recommended in North London. May be of use.
  • Thank you @harpistic and @trainspotter These are all ones that I haven't seen before.
  • Thank you all. Hornsey Vale Community Centre does look good and would be great to work with a local school, although suspect that term time would be an issue.
  • Thanks @ShaunG!  If you N4ers go tomorrow then it's the concessionary rate too.   Also, I'll be there, with Plum, so would be nice to see some of you in the bar afterwards.   @ChangN4N6, my folks are visiting at the weekend so maybe I'll get them to…
  • @ Miss Annie, Yup, I'm the Lucy from the olden days of!  Although, I'm a just up the hill now, rather than SG. Thank you for the support!  We got a 4 star review in the Independent as well, which we're very pleased about. @rainbow_carnage.  Y…
  • Hello! We've got our press night tonight for Yellow Face.  I've had a couple of tickets returned and I really, really want a full house - so, if anyone wants to claim a pair for this evening then send me a private message!  lucy at specialrelationsh…
    in Park Theatre Comment by Lucy May 2013
  • I was there on Friday and there's still a bit of work to do but it's much further advanced than a couple of months ago!  They're decorating the downstairs bar/cafe area with some cool old theatre windows.  Am very excited about it all!  Park 90 is a…
    in Park Theatre Comment by Lucy April 2013
  • at ChangN4N6 - yup, he was the Chinese detective of the 1980s series and he was in Indiana Jones and James Bond.  We're very excited about him being involved! Thanks Arkady - let me know when you're coming along as I'll be in and out for various per…
    in Park Theatre Comment by Lucy April 2013
  • Ciao!  Haven't been on here for a while, as I moved out of the area a couple of years ago, but still with you in spirit. May get done here by the old "plugging" rules but I'm producing one of the plays in the inaugural season: Yellow Face so please …
    in Park Theatre Comment by Lucy April 2013
  • @ miss annie - I went along to an actor's workshop. I'm not sure if anyone can get the tour or not. Think it was a one off but don't really know. Sorry not to be more helpful!
  • Went on a tour of the theatre today. It is very exciting. Think it's going to be a great addition to the area.
  • wow, fantastic. ditto adgs.
  • I'd be in for the film club too!
  • Mugs seem popular! Perfect Christmas stocking filler too.
  • aha! Glad I asked. Thank you Benny.
  • I saw Ray Davies, of the Kinks, today in Highgate!
  • @ tosscat - and?
  • ![]( for GM/CHSmoking.jpg) [this is the view of a Calvinist]( for GM/CHSmoking.jpg)
  • hmm, dvds perhaps?
    in books again Comment by Lucy October 2009
  • By-the-by, as I have a flag next to my name, maybe should start selling stuff. Services Offered: Have one golden retriever, good to go to make more golden retriever puppies. Will take one puppy for services rendered. (slightly off thread topic,…
    in books again Comment by Lucy October 2009
  • With JungleFaceJake on Dan Brown thing - happy to join a posse. Or am I? Hmm, perhaps if we just burnt the books? Hmm. Maybe, invent time machine and become Dan Brown's teacher/publisher etc. and absolutely discourage him from writing an…
    in books again Comment by Lucy October 2009
  • The one on evershot has been there a while - it has taken them ages to get it to look like a mouse! There's also another elephant on florence or victoria road, can never remember which one though. I have not yet had a good idea for our hedge. S…
    in Topiary Comment by Lucy October 2009
  • He's great - always gives Plum biscuits and always very friendly. I love the Noble.
    in The Noble Comment by Lucy October 2009
  • Not the judean people's front? Splitters!
  • Hi Genx, I think that many of us are keeping an eye out and if we see anything I'm sure people will get in touch. I often walk the dog reasonably late (when cats seem to come out) so I will keep a keen eye. I do hope she turns up.
  • well, seems to be going well so far. have nipped home to feed the dog while takes over a large table in the dairy - @ James & sg_mike, don't fancy coming along? everyone is friendly so far!
  • God, that took me a long time & 4 edits!
  • We will be there plus [this one](). Should be quite easy to spot!
  • playing about with my account without so much as a by-your-leave! Like the little flag though, makes me feel special. Do I get one on this post?
  • yup, we're watching it - it's ace (from andy that bit) "I don't have a philosophy of design, that is too small. I have a philosophy of life" We must be proud to just make chairs. Gotta love him.