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  • If it's on, it's at a minimum of 20C; tweak range is 20-24C. The cats don't like the cold, you see!
  • This is exciting news. I hope late means 'can get a hot sarnie at 2am'!
  • @djmattyoung, there's a problem with that link - the http bit seems to have ended up at the end. Bizarre, though. Fracking anywhere in London would be insane, given that there are already subsidence issues because of the claybeds.
    in Fracking Comment by vetski October 21
  • Hi Sutent, yes, tonight is women only. But we might get him back for an open meeting in the future...
  • And thanks @Arkady & @Mirandola - not sure about going the Twitter route yet, but will bear your kind offers in mind. Thanks. :)
  • Thanks, @MGJoey - have pm'd you back!
  • Sorry to hear, @Perflexed. I really don't understand how/why 'people' get their kicks from doing something like that. 
  • Widespread but only on the Islington side of SG, it seems - I haven't seen keying/slashed tyres on the Haringey side. Yet... touches wood
  • Hmm, I'm flat-hunting at the moment. Thanks for the heads-up on some streets to avoid!
  • I think all teachers need the ability to be shouty on occasion - I got shouted at a few times, and in the main it was well-deserved! 
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 15
  • At various times, I've studied Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, German & Japanese. I think I'll give Russian a miss!!
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 15
  • That corner is awful - I hate walking across it, but I hate driving across it even more. The visibility is dangerously poor for both pedestrians and drivers; I can't think why there isn't some sort of warning signage, or a temporary pedestrian cross…
  • Nice link, @minim. And it references my favourite and most valued book in the whole wide world - my ancient copy of Kennedy's Latin Primer! I had no idea that German had cases until I started learning it as an adult, about 15 years ago - having a gr…
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 15
  • @checkski, forgot to complete the declension of 'mensa' for you... mensae, mensa. Pl: mensae, mensae, mensas, mensarum, mensis, mensis. Yes, I am a nerd. Nice use of the vocative above! What I love about this forum is how we start somewhere and …
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 14
  • @checkski, I promise I didn't forget the vocative! But I left it out for the purposes of a direct comparison with @Marquis' list. @ADGS, I remember finding the middle very baffling when I started Greek. Will see if I can find my old Greek textbo…
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 14
  • @Marquis, Classics - but my Latin was, & remains, much better than my Greek... And oi! Some Brits DO get grammar!! I didn't realise the case sequence was taught differently in other countries - so nom, acc, gen, dat, abl looks right to me, &…
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 13
  • I studied ancient Greek, but have never heard what I learnt as 'middle' referred to as 'mediopassive'! 
    in New Members Comment by vetski October 13
  • Shame about lack of oil - but a much bigger shame for the likely economic impact on the area... Is it just the fruit, Krappy, or have the trees themselves suffered?
  • Went past the Shaftesbury last night, & while the scaffolding is down, it still doesn't look anywhere close to being ready to reopen...have you seen a re-opening sign on it, @ Mirandola?
    in Lost Time Comment by vetski October 12
  • God knows how anyone captures one - speedy little devils they are, and a constant source of frustration to my cats! (Though I'm quite happy not to have to remove squirrel bits from the carpets.)
  • I've had Budgens squirrel. It tasted quite nice, but was a bit sinewy. And there really isn't much meat on one. Pigeon fans; if you go to a decent Morrocan restaurant, see if they have pastilla - it's a pigeon pie with sweet & savoury flavours, …
  • Idoru, when did you start working for Haringey Council? ;)
  • One does try to be careful, but other road users don't always help themselves...the number of pedestrians who cross the road behind a reversing car, for example, is astounding. I've taken to doing 3-point turns in my cul-de-sac most of the time, rat…
  • Late to the discussion... but the flyer annnouncing the events only dropped through my door a couple of days before the event, which was well after set-up had started. Locking the gate at 4pm is largely to do with keeping event-goers away from the s…
  • I drive as well as walk around here (no, I don't jump red lights), and see many more cyclists than cars jumping the lights. I disapprove of both, but cars annoy me a bit more because the potential for harm is rather greater. The 20mph limits aren't …
  • If you rented through an agent, they might be able to intervene; otherwise, I think DPS arb is the next place to go. What a bugger for you.
  • What time of day - lunchtime/afternoon/evening? I have something else that day, but am hoping I can do some time at both!
    in SG bbq Comment by vetski July 14
  • Last time I went past, there was a van outside delivering something, so it doesn't seem to have closed for good.
  • Went on Sunday and loved it. I really wanted a keyring of the 19 saying 'Finsbury Park' on the front, but they all said 'Rosebery Avenue'! 
  • No date given on the notices in their windows either as yet. I go past there fairly regularly, so will post when (if!) I see an opening date anywhere.