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  • Some really great suggestions! I was thinking of Curve Garden East, but that's probably a bit too sit-downy, so thanks everyone!
  • Yes, thanks, Arkady. So, just to round this up: I had a phone call with T.J. but found his pricing (quite) a bit on the 'saw you coming' end. That was probably lucky because I found this guy on Mybuilder:…
    in What tiler? Comment by Marquis June 2017
  • Hi @Maximus - do you have a post-job view of his work?
  • Thanks @jlong & @TheMimsy. You live and learn. I wonder if their bins are popular with the Holloway dandy foragers. The most stunning thing is probably that I never seem to have wandered down Fairbridge Road in all the years I've been living in …
  • Have you tried J. Reid's on St Ann's Road? They always have some refurbished second hand pianos.
  • I like Marshall Street. It's 30.5m (100 feet, Victorian) and relatively clean for a London pool. Clissold can be positively filthy at times, especially as they are not very good at policing their no-street-shoes-in-the-wet-area policy, and there's m…
  • Didn't Woody's have a big hygiene problem? When it was still around that seemed to be the consensus on this forum. Or maybe it was just very frequent posters making it appear to be the consensus. I don't remember.
    in Woody's Comment by Marquis August 2016
  • I second the good reviews. A really great guy, available within one day, and just restored a computer that was completely and utterly unusable (Windows 10). Now it's better than before, and the charge was absolutely reasonable.
  • @andy: Great to see you posting! Hope all is excellent and thanks for that quality post. It's now five days after the event and I'm still obsessing - I do feel out of date!
  • Is there anybody here who's a vegetarian? Kreuzkav, I believe, but otherwise? Not trying to be boring, just wondering!
  • @kreuzkav: The Thin Lizzy album was recorded in Tollington Park studio. If you follow the link above, the list of artists and albums recorded there is absolutely amazing: Caravan (if you don't know For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night, make a point…
  • The recording studio in Tollington Park, Topic Records based on SGR until a few years ago, Ho Chi Minh living in Ferme Park Road while in London, John Lydon growing up in one of the estates in the area, Soul II Soul warehouse parties somewhere in Ho…
  • I am really sorry to hear that, Cristo, and I hope you continue to recover well. It's a great shame that all these reports make the park appear as some kind of dangerzone, but I suppose there wasn't a time when this kind of attack didn't happen.
  • Thanks again. I don't know - running away and shouting felt like the least brave but the most sensible thing to do. Interesting how quickly  the brain goes through all the available options in a situation like that. I am quite aware though that I ha…
  • Thanks for the sympathy. I suppose that's another lesson learned. @kreuzkav: as I said earlier, it wasn't late at night but still very early in the evening and the park felt safe as there was lots of activity to be seen and heard. There's even peopl…
  • ICs are identity codes used by the police, 3 stands for 'black'. It is annoying how their skin colour is the one detail I can remember for sure in an upset situation like that, but it is. I think there have been discussions on here in the past on ho…
  • Aww!
    in Deleted Comment by Marquis December 2014
  • @Arkady: Is it possible to link Busby's new profile up with his old one? There should be quite an archive of stories!
  • Welcome back, Busby/carlin! Yours were some of the most interesting posts on this site. Looking forward to many new ones! Did you ever get the chance to visit SG in recent years?
  • Hi, do you still have the magnolia and the foxglove? Hope you won't miss your garden too much!
  • Ditto, very. Only my poor little brain hurt a bit afterwards. Proust, pub quiz, general chat plus that one beer too much, all at once! Next time we could try and do it all on unicycles. Or pennyfarthings, to be more in theme.
  • I will be there. Specs, book, awkward-looking, grey North Face anorak.
  • In my (German) textbook it was 'Medium', I just wanted to make sure it's internationally comprehensible, and 'mediopassive' comes up a lot on the internet! I only studied koine Greek as a preparation for theology, so my knowledge is probably very sm…
  • Should be fixed now. The hyperlink thingy has http:\\ already set, so that was doubled up.
  • Oh, there's a good Wikipedia entry on that!
  • @ADGS: you made laugh! Hungarian is my second native language and in four decades I never noticed that there was anything odd about 'titkok'! Also, I really recommend classical Greek. So fascinating! The way you learn it is very similar to Latin at…
  • Tuesday 21 is fine with me. I could do a little bit earlier, but 6 would mean I'd have to come directly from work, in suit and with a grumpy face. And nobody wants that! Shame about Wednesdays, checkski! It's the only day where I'm more flexible as …
  • OK - how about mid October then ... with the middle of October being Thursday 16? Should be enough time for a leisurely paced bomb-through. Checkski, a bit of rust will only give our round that fashionable 'distressed' look, so I wouldn't worry too …
  • Fine with me - enjoy Abroad!
  • (Within a Budding Grove is the title of the second volume as revised by D. J. Enright, I just realised.)