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  • She is burning logs. A number of trees have been felled on the street and each time she asks for the logs to burn (and the tree surgeons oblige). The pile in her front garden is about half a metre high at present - we have that to look forward to al…
  • I know another neighbour has to no avail. I feel nervous to do so, if I am being frank.
  • Happy that milk from week one will be back. It is the most delicious milk I have ever tasted! Did anyone else notice the bakery stall doubled their prices in week two? Nice cinnamon rolls, but not at any price. Fish stall great.
  • corrections - icing on top, or in the middle! Also cheese fish flowers etc not in or on cake ideally
  • Annie - funny! And yes, I would second WI cake, or any old fashioned cake that has a bit of icing on or in the middle. And cheese. And flowers. And fish. And bread - ideally with reasonable change from £5er. Activities for little kids would be nice …
  • Fish tips excellent, thank you. Where is the Stroud Green Convenience Store? I like all this Londis, Coop malark, I need to get more creative with my supermarkets.
  • Keep your hair on Scruffy. The hygiene rating was from the FSA inspection earlier this year. It made me feel a bit ill and I've been meaning to ask where people shop as I find the SG veg shop good but so expensive so I hoped to unearth some local kn…
  • I'm waiting for somewhere that does good cake. Keep being disappointed with what is on offer in the vicinity. Perhaps a tea venue would also have good cake. Can't have tea without good cake! Ok, I vote for tea bar! #teabar #teabarforpresident #hidde…
  • Dunno, we were put off by our cold drinks (coffee & hot chocolate). Also, strange atmosphere for mid afternoon - really loud music and unfriendly servers. But may just be teething probs - I hope
  • It is white on green. It is quite hard to read, I find. Anyone else?
  • So interested to read the trajectory of this thread, about censorship and all, and that such offence was taken at Mimsy's comments regarding public sector workers and none about her irrelevant & inflamatory comments about black people in Chicago…
  • Depressing discussion. It is completely wrong to say that people in Eastern Europe (meaning Hungary as you are talking about Orban) have greater freedom of speech than the UK. Where on earth are you getting this (mis)information?Since coming to powe…
    in Article 50 Comment by Pembe January 2017
  • This list is quite something. Will have to show up. I wish a few of these choices were more available during the rest of the year. It grieves me deeply the disappointing cake offerings in the neighbourhood. (Although I love many of the cafes so this…
  • @Sutent I think wing place closed because the food was revolting. We FParkers have discerning tastes. Seriously bad synthetic sauces - like the worst America has to offer.
  • I had the opposite experience. Delicious pizza. Great service. Really happy they are in the vicinity.
  • I think ours were around £1.2k per window (incl painting) - about 1m across and 2m high. Can't put a value on how much warmer we are now.
  • Thanks @Mrs Churros this is great to know. I had in mind a chamber choir but standard matters more than typology so I shall investigate HCS.
  • Sorry to miss it. Did anyone go? How was it? Will the resto do it again?
  • @south_to_north what is the one on Blackstock, pl?
  • Oh dear @south_to_north sorry, I haven't logged in for a while. You are correct and I forgot all about it. I have to say tho my experimentation while Nando's was closed had me fall in love with Oven and Hearth, their burgers are great! And reasonabl…
  • B Murphy (Muswell Hill) did such a great job on ours. Really recommend them
  • Thanks for the awesome tips, I had better get my trousers let out in anticipation of checking all these places out.
  • Thanks. I know where you mean. Has anyone tried it? I cannae bear another miss. Dinner is important
  • That is good news, I can't say I am a huge fan but sometimes get a craving for chicken and chips, and where else to go?! We tried Wingzone and it was so UTTERLY disgusting (and cost £20 for 2 portions chicken and chips), that I wonder how it will ge…
  • Hello, I moved to the area earlier this year. V pleased to have discovered this website and looking forward to getting to know the area better through all the discussions. Hot topics for me at present: decorating & furnishing our flat and learni…
    in New Members Comment by Pembe August 2015