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  • Didn’t realise how bad it was. Made national news and people I know around the country I know were asking if our place was flooded. As you say @Papa I feel really sorry for everyone. It’s a tough area as well, people don’t need events like this in t…
    in No water Comment by Brodiej October 8
  • Should get rid of any dog poo quite nicely
    in No water Comment by Brodiej October 8
  • Everyone taking drugs in the park must be really annoyed with all the commotion and disruption. They'd be really upset if they tripped on the turf and dropped their crack pipe. It'd get mud in it for starters.
  • Having read the article, can we take that this was also a racist attack? Surprised nobody has mentioned that so far. I found that element quite shocking to be honest.
  • I would like to sponsor a branded hawk that patrols the area for all the skanky pigeons that drop bombs all day every day.
  • Ah yes, because of those points made by someone else i've totally changed my mind. Actually that's a lie. I think this is one of those discussions where nobody is ever going to change their view and that's fine. FP toilets are the barometer for …
  • If nobody is making any money as suggested, probably best to just let the park be a park then. I'm fairly confident that festivals returning year after year are making plenty of money, and if you've got councils falling over themselves to "get som…
  • Just seen this published via Twitter. Makes a VERY good read.
  • I took the piss at the time which I regret. Glad you found somewhere that was right for you, everyone deserves that. Site isn’t as good without your contributions. Come back more often.
  • @joust. The key word for me is "incremental" spending. Diverting money somewhere else and then topping up with festival cash isn't right. I'm trying to avoid politics because it becomes about what's more important than this or that. How councils spe…
  • I'm outside of the main catchment where you'd truly be affected by noise and disruption, and to be honest its kind of cool hearing some of the sounds that come out of the park. I remember Richard Ashcroft last year absolutely crystal clear from my b…
  • Aaaaargggggggh. It should be the best park in London! That’s the point Ali!
  • Spend it on the park itself. Nice idea but when the place is falling to bits seems a bit out of touch.
  • There are strong arguments on both sides of the argument. I do know that i hate criminal activity in my area and people profiting from misery, and that drug addiction is a horrible horrible disease. I can't see how making drugs more accessible is a …
  • I wonder if they'll hold a concert in the park to celebrate
  • Some sensible action, at last. Cyclists can use the road, as they do for most other parts of London.
  • I was with my 5 year old son at FP station on Sunday. People were openly dealing all over the place. Our kids live in this area, go to school, play in parks. They are destroying the local community and i want the whole lot gone. Its turned the area …
  • On the basis that air pollution is killing us all, perhaps we'd all like to comment on the below consultation. All the good work from taking out Diesel cars will be undone, which basically suggests that its all a load of bollocks and that nobody act…
  • @therattle. I disagree, there is no harm in challenging the ticket. They will obviously state that you are wrong but the inclusion of is-j has no relevance if the bay is pay and display only. I think they should explain why it’s on there.
  • Nice article. If the park was swimming in cash as it should be, they wouldn't lose the flag. Nice to have an objective measure on what is absolutely obvious to everyone that visits it.
  • Has the overall spend on the park gone up by £1m? That would make it incremental. If the councils can show where the money created has been spent over and above the historic cost base then i'll shut up. They should be able to tell us what "essential…
  • Its a subjective view yes, and of course i'm sure it exists in VP, but ive been to VP 3 times in the last month and not seen any evidence of the social issues that exist in FP in VP. I spend a lot of time viisting parks in London because of being a …
  • Why are the other parks fine then? all in boroughs with the same issue enduring the same cuts. Nothing to do with direct austerity, its about attitude on spending and contempt to their constituents. I can only deduce that they're crap with money.
  • London Park Scores on the doors Finsbury Park - 3/10 - Islington Council / Haringey / Hackey One set of squalid toilets, nice cafe (but can leave you smelling like chips), popular but dilapidited playground, small landscaped formal garden, rarely u…
  • I’d give that a solid 6.9/10
  • Important Roast Meal variables that determine what a good one looks like Price - Often ignored in the grand scheme of what is a good roast meal. It might be remarkable, but if you're taking piss then every mouthful tastes bitter. The Old Dairy curr…
  • @ Missannie. I hope they don't open a family friendly roll mop herring restaurant as you'll be in a bit of a predicament.
  • Stop press. Sorry. Finchley golf club is currently free for under 16’s. That is unbelievable. Get involved.
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Junior golf at Muswell hill is £200 this year. That’s 55p a day. Remember that when you drop your kids off at the school clubs on your way to work. Covers 8-17 years old. Try and get over the “killing the planet” bit when you walk through preserved …
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018