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  • @ Missannie. I hope they don't open a family friendly roll mop herring restaurant as you'll be in a bit of a predicament.
  • Stop press. Sorry. Finchley golf club is currently free for under 16’s. That is unbelievable. Get involved.
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Junior golf at Muswell hill is £200 this year. That’s 55p a day. Remember that when you drop your kids off at the school clubs on your way to work. Covers 8-17 years old. Try and get over the “killing the planet” bit when you walk through preserved …
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • God forbid a business recognises it’s catchment and sends out a message to say you’re welcome. Kids will be in bed in evening and mums and dads will find better places to appease their own needs at the expense of their kids. I think it also speaks v…
  • No you’re not breaking any rules at all and it is your website after all. Thanks again for your insight today, and shame that you don’t want to play. Might have been fun.
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Please start another thread if its important to you. You can include golf as one the things we should all consider stopping in order to help the overall conservation of the world. Thank you for your input this afternoon. Let me know if you'd like to…
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • If you want to play golf with myself and some other people in the area who have shown an interest let me know. Otherwise, start another thread. Call it "all the things we shouldn't do in life because its unethical.....", and then everyone can have t…
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • You don't like golf and don't agree with those that do. Thanks for that. Moving on.
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Good one, I can’t be bothered to read it.
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Trent Park is one of 2 courses I've walked off due to slow play. It got to 5 hours for 11 holes, so I gave up. Never been back since I'm afraid. I have a much publicised car (diesel), so travel around the country playing where old uni mates are. Hev…
    in Golf Comment by Brodiej August 2018
  • Just spent 2 weeks in Germany and Holland. Our parks are a complete disgrace compared to there. People have different attitudes and the councils recognise the value of quality communal space. Seeing FP this morning was utterly depressing
  • Anywhere closing is sad news. Hats off to anyone that takes the plunge. I would ask the forum if I have an old fashioned view on something though. Is it acceptable to crowd fund a Restaurant? I remember when this place first launched and the pitc…
  • On the basis that the thread was posted after initially an 11 year old had been implicated (no longer the case), I'd hope most people were at least surprised. When I was 11, i wasn't even allowed to the nearest town on my own, and i watched Byker Gr…
  • Should say in last couple of mins same person has been dearrested. Fact remains 14 year old lad stabbed.
  • I had no idea that my role in life was to create more tax. Forget Brexit, that's ruined my evening.
  • In a similar move to the congestion charge, I would like to propose the annual BBQ license which must be purchased if you intend to BBQ in the year. The annual cost would be £183, and would allow you to BBQ every day of the year for just 50p. Busine…
  • I'm not being funny, but it appears that the number one reason for people to not back brexit is almost always financial. I don't think there's much emotional attachment to it, its just about how individuals wealth might be affected. If someone asked…
  • Visited this weekend again and thought it was a great event. Generally a nice atmosphere. Have the school ever enquired about hosting their own stall for free? Would be a good place to have a second hand stall hosted by parents. Not quite a "hand …
  • I have a friend that started his career at HMRC and then moved into the private sector. It is the known career route. Unless you stop that, its always going to happen. I would say they keep maybe 5-10% of the people they train.
  • Disappointing high number of BBQs in the area this weekend from Islington residents. It was very difficult to breathe at times. A George foreman grill should be used instead.
  • I'd like a vote on the final deal. I voted remain, but was bizarrely quite pleased when leave won the vote. I made my vote on what made me angry, and I came to the conclusion that had nothing to do with being in the EU. That said, deciding your own …
  • Its either within the rules or its not
  • How do you stop tax avoidance?
  • @joust Maybe but if global mobile phone penetration is already at 63%, that's a lot of £2, and nobody is talking about that. That drag on energy never used to exist. Do your parents fondly talk about the Peruvian asparagus they ate as a child. Doubt…
  • What would you like to see happen rikki?
  • Shall we call it day on this one?
  • Some predictable commentary from people whose lives are just different to others. We'll have to agree to disagree on private car ownership. Its an easy target. I accept the arguments against, it would be nice for people to understand that for some i…
  • Make your point Joe......its all teed up and raring to go.
  • I have been noticing lately that vegans have very aggressive tendencies, and as such are a real threat to our community. I witnessed a young mum being harassed for eating a KIND bar, which might have contained honey. For that reason, I want all vega…
  • I drove past pizza x drink at maybe 6pm and it was absolutely rammed with lads drinking outside on the road. The feds arrived and as far as I could tell they just stayed until they moved on afterwards. Everyone was dressed up to the nines. Unless t…