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  • that's a shame. everywhere should have a classic neighbourhood place like season or osteria tufo. figured both would be around forever... guessing Neil a bit disillusioned after all the fuckery with gilly's fry bar?
  • Looks like Season is closing at the end of the week... not sure what the reason behind it is
  • It's a Ramen spot replacing them, I believe.
  • looks like that went well, then
  • The weekend shopping run just got a lot more interesting
  • Sacro Cuore, Hana Maria and Yard Sale in that order also - technically outside of the SG jurisdiction - but Zia Lucia on Holloway Road is also great
  • good luck to ya, looking forward to popping in as soon as you're open.
  • fantastic news this.
    in Hopsmiths Comment by bigspoon July 2017
  • good luck to 'em but they've got a lot of incredibly stiff competition round here - sacro cuore... yardsale... hana maria... firezza... papagonne...
  • 'local' as of 2013 and no plans to live anywhere else in the forseeable future.
  • What's blowing my mind is the inverted colour scheme. Black font on white signage?? For Waterstones?? Anarchy
    in Waterstones Comment by bigspoon May 2017
  • He's not actually opening in Dalston (yet) - he's taking over the kitchen at a bar called Birthdays for 6 months. Birthdays does rotating kitchen residencies and is where Ritas started, among others. Birthdays is affiliated with Vice... Max has a …
    in Hopsmiths Comment by bigspoon April 2017
  • Believe there was talk of Max making enquiries about taking over the lease but not getting anywhere. Whatever cataclysmic event led to Late Knights' breakup must have been truly something for them to handle this the way they have... to not even bot…
    in Hopsmiths Comment by bigspoon April 2017
  • no time for this culty bunch of rip-off artists at all... BUT... they have a large billboard, only visible from the treadmills at the Puregym across the road, that just says "WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?" in giant letters. for that, i have to appla…
    in UCKG ? Comment by bigspoon March 2017
  • Opening Thursday: "We're delighted to announce that work on our new shop in Finsbury Park is almost complete and we can't wait to welcome you through the door at 77 Stroud Green Road from 1pm this Thursday 10th of November. All in all we'll ha…
  • Akdeniz on Seven Sisters road. Great produce in there in general.
    in Avo Comment by bigspoon October 2016
  • it's a good greasy chippy. always rammed on match days. fantastic curry sauce for those that know
  • Jacks is great, Clapton Craft is great - and I think there's enough physical distance between the two for them to get along fine. Clapton Craft's growler station is unique and great for bulk purchases, while Jack's range of spirits is pretty untouc…
  • Looks like Clapton Craft (beer shop) will be taking over the space: We're delighted to announce that we have just signed a lease to open our fourth store o…
  • I did a refresher course with Shahel from Red driving school just over a year ago and would recommend him (and Red in general) highly. I was in a very similar situation - I had a full licence but hadn't driven in 6+ years and wasn't confident behin…
  • horrifying
  • 'Ave a banana
    in Dotori Comment by bigspoon August 2016
  • Orleans is still open, they just don't put very much on these days. Not sure they can be arsed. I've attempted to put a night on there but not had much joy. The only things I've seen advertised over the past year are a house night called Ta…
  • (ignore the bit about opening in time for the new season though, obviously!)
  • ^owned by the same people but they've decided on a bar rather than a restaurant -
  • Goodmans group are opening a late-late-license bar where the Silver Bullet used to be as well - so I wouldn't be too shocked to see the area around the station get a bit busier in future. Orleans could prob do well out of it if they start putti…
  • oh shit it all to hell this is absolutely gutting news. I was a big fan of the place personally and considered myself a regular... though I did have a bad feeling when i tried to go for a post-work pint twice last week and found it shut both tim…
  • think Yak and Yeti do most of their trade via takeaway tbh. the restaurant is always completely empty - but don't let that fool you, the food is fantastic.
  • ^ correct, Max's only opens at 5 during the week... and is closed completely monday + tuesday it really is the absolute best though.