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  • Jo Homan
    Hi Nick, did you want me to put you in touch with David? Cheers,
    May 2013
  • Jo Homan
    Hi Nick, I just saw your thread about energy. Some of our group went to some kind of session with Haringey and I was copied into this email. Let me know if you want to get involved with this because I know David was looking for more people to take part...: Hi David, I just wanted to thank Transition Finsbury Park for taking the time out to attend the focus group session last week. The Energy Saving Trust are currently compiling a report which will include write ups from the focus groups. We can circulate the report to Transition Finsbury Park if this would be of interest when complete at the end of May. It will provide a comprehensive review of how community groups could be incentivised to promote retrofit schemes such as the Green Deal in addition to some insight about how Green Deal Providers and the Retrofit Works cooperative of local SMEs offering retrofit services plan on working with community groups in the future. Kind regards, Minka
    April 2013