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  • My life has just changed for the better.  Again.
  • The furniture is horrid, though I dislike the chairs less than those board tables which were already starting to splinter on the opening night. The general ambience of an underfunded sixth-form common room wasn't helped by the OHP menu, but what was worse - the bastard thing wasn't even accurate! The number which should have been their sole cider* was something very obviously dark and beerish, so after that it was trial and error to find the desired pint.<div><br></div><div>*"Is that your only cider?"</div><div>"No, we have two, one apple and one pear."</div><div><br></div><div>THAT IS ONE CIDER AND ONE PERRY AND HOW DO ALL THESE SUPPOSED BOOZE COGNOSCENTI JOINTS KEEP GETTING THIS WRONG?</div><div><br></div><div>And, what with being so stripped down, it echoes like blazes, rendering conversation very tricky.</div><div><br></div><div>On the plus side, there was a cute dog.</div>
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    After ADGS's comments, and in the cold light of day, I concede that life is no better and is perhaps worse. Conversation impossible, canteen furniture and 'pear cider'.  Indeed.   Quite like the OHP idea though.<div><br></div><div>I note that the old Noble crowd has reverted back to the Stapleton, the reason they gave is the beer at the Hopsmiths is too strong for regular nightly consumption.</div>
  • Really? They need to read down the list, there are quite a few beers at session strength.<div><br></div><div>I was there on opening night, and it was deafening - quieter when I went back on Sunday evening, though still somewhat echoey. It's better at the back.</div>
  • Yeah, there were at least three beers at less than 4% on when I was in there, which is more than can be said of the Stapleton.<div><br></div><div>Hadn't noticed the echoes, but I agree that as time goes on they ought to bring in some more comfortable furniture.</div><div><br></div><div>As a Worcestershire man I'm aghast at the decline of the word 'perry', but it seems unstoppable.</div>
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 10pt; line-height: normal;">I didn't know this was a thing. Love it.</span></font><div style="font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;"><br></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333330154419px; line-height: normal;"></span></font><br></div>;
  • I differ from CAMRA in many ways, not least that I'm fine with ciders - or indeed perries - containing other fruits &c. But when it comes to not using the word 'cider' unless the lead fruit is apple, I absolutely agree.<div>You know the old joke about how a camel is a horse designed by committee? Very unfair on camels, who prosper in different conditions. But a pear is totally an apple designed by committee. </div>
  • <p>I like this place. Great beers, food's pretty good too.</p><p>Not very kid/family friendly, which is fine and many will see as a huge positive! In in area like SG though it might hurt them.</p><p>I'll be back either way, like it.</p><p><br></p>
  • Um. Only time I've been there there was a baby. Cute one, too. <br>
  • Yeah there have been prams and scurrying children every time I've been. The demographic has changed though, the beard-count has gone up, and there's lots of excessively styled hair. I love it. They had Neck Oil on draught last night.<br><br>The food menu looks great - lots of ribs, steaks and burgers and it's all under a tenner. Anyone tried it?
  • I had one pint last night whilst waiting for a friend. It has a nice vibe to it but definitely hipster there
  • I'll try and take a trip in this weekend - probably with my daughters in tow (who are very well pub trained).<div><br></div><div>@Arkady, do the kids have to have a beard and excessively styled hair though?</div>
  • Gamma Ray on tap at the moment...yum! The steak sandwich is good too..
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  • Thanks Harry, but that link seems to be broken.
  • Reviving this old thread because it looks like The Hopsmiths has now closed. Confirmed by Late Knights brewery here:
  • Not surprised to be honest, was never exactly heaving. Sad - but that's life I guess.....
  • The anti-gentrification non-hipster effect - sad though, I agree, I liked the place.
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    Sheeeeit. Went in for the first time a few weeks ago (I suppose that's the problem). Loved the range of beers available. Not altogether surprising though - there's a lot of competition.
  • Oh no...bad news. I liked the place a lot and tried to go there as often as possible. It wasn't doing well, i agree. The great choice of beers. It will be missed
  • So all the people who loved it just didn't actually go there very often?
  • Really sad - went there loads and always seemed to have a decent number of people especially during the week. Was never that busy at the weekend which I guess may have been the killer...
  • That's a shame, I really liked the Hopsmiths.
  • The Market has spoken
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    I imagine that however good a place is, it's still a struggle to tear enough people away from SGR or Crouch End. Max's seems to manage it, Piccolo Diavolo probably isn't as busy as it should be, and the Crouch Hill effect has already claimed 3 pizzerias! miss annie - I'm guessing it's simply a case of not having the cash or the time to frequently visit every local place we might like or want to support.
  • There are what, three good pubs in SG? Are people round here really not able to afford a drink or food each week in the places they spend so much time talking about?
  • By good I mean ok. None of my favourite places are here.
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