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Permanent part-time childcarer wanted

Hi,<br><br>We are looking for somebody to help with childcare every weekday from 15:15 (when nursery finishes) to 19:15 or so. We would like someone who can also do a bit of helping around the house, e.g., laundry, dishwasher etc, and perhaps some cooking or food prep. There would also be scope for babysitting every now and again if desired. <br><br>Our son is 4 but has Down's Syndrome, so it's more akin to looking after a 2.5-3 year old - in most other respects, he's pretty normal, and very sweet and generally easygoing, and likes the same things other children do (especially eating!). <br><br>We don't necessarily need someone with previous childcare experience (although it would help), but who is enthusiastic, has initiative, some common sense, and good English. <br><br>We are fairly relaxed - although I'm sure most potential employers say that!<br>
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