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Make the most of the park while you can. They, the corporate music business, will be setting up for the appalling and illegal Wireless from next week.....the Finsbury Wall, trucks, security guards, diversions, lock-outs, sound checks, rubbish, mud...... I for one will completely boycott the park this year from the day the contractors move in until they move out. Horrible experience. Dog walking and jogging will be elsewhere. I'll probably be contributing to global warming by driving to Alexandra Palace daily. To my lovely friends at Finsbury Park Cafe (who will presumably lose much custom) and Park View Cafe: I'm sorry - my apologies and commiserations. But there you are.
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  • Don't forget parkrun is also cancelled. Sadly that means 5 laps of Highbury Fields Saturday morning
  • See you there Sutent - bring a stretcher though
  • It is madness the amount of the park they are shutting off for two weeks and considering the rain it will most likely get trashed.
  • Wireless would be worthwhile if all the money didnt go into some black hole somewhere. Dont forget the dance festival as well this year too
  • I hope there's so much aggro at this year's "festival" that this bloody event never happens again. Never mind the days it's supposedly on (8-10th July), this destroys the park for the rest of the year. Supposing anyone here didn't get the propaganda through their letterbox ("Festival Republic are looking forward to working in the community again" - no thanks, how about you f**k off and never come back) the contact details for reporting problems are: 03333 213 114 Haringey Council licensing: 020 8489 8232 Out-of-hours noise complaints on 020 8489 0000. I had better buy a better phone tariff for that weekend as I'm going to be hassling them for every single annoyance this pointless event causes.
  • Just spotted the same leaflet gives the e-mail address as finsburypark.residents@festivalrepublic._co.uk_ too, so with this lack of attention to detail it's anybody's guess what's going on.
  • I may well be in the minority here, but I quite like the idea of having big events in the park. The stone roses was superb. That said I probably only use it once a week and a live just far enough to not be hugely affected by the hordes of people so appreciate that it has more impact on others. It would be great if we saw some of the money being spent on direct improvements to the park as some sort of legacy as some sort of recompense for the disruption, but can't see it happening. Cheap/free locals tickets would be good too.
  • It's not about my personal inconvenience, I use it rarely these days and don't hear much of the noise. More about the fact that Haringey should not be allowed to pimp out a valuable community resource without ploughing back a large percentage of the ill gotten gains into things like park keepers, cleaners and other services that would make the park better for all.
  • Does anyone know the exact days they will start up setting up and the day everything will be finally over? I already struggle motivation with my running and Finsbury P. is the only place that doesn't present any excuse to me with its clear circular path and the proximity to my house.
  • They are setting up now Over the tennis court side of the park, it doesn't seem as brutally restrictive as usual. The courts are still open, the skate park is open, and the fences don't come right up to the path like last year - so plenty more space which is positive Loads of trucks/tractors hurtling around though so not at all child friendly
  • Agree with Miss Annie - would love to know what the revenue will be spent on.
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    This question has been asked dozens of times, people have made wild guesses and haphazard answers, I still don't feel I know the facts. Some people tell me money from the park lettings has been spent on the replacement volleyball/netball/table tennis this true, if so, which lettings, how much? The new lights? Other general running costs? I suspect the real figures are deliberately hidden in confidential council budget papers and even Freedom of Information requests have failed to provide an answer. The council may refuse to provide this kind of information on the grounds of 'Commercial Confidentiality'.
  • Time for inspector Krappy to investigate?
  • they put something through the door about a couple of months ago, detailing how much they had spent on the park from the events. from memory 100k new ball courts 50k demolishing old cricket pavilion 25k new tractor thing for groundspeople to use across the borough including new seeding thing to help grass grow 15k new lights to help athletes out in late evenings did no one else get/remember this?
  • Quite right. You have an excellent memory Verga. Not sure that makes me still want Wireless in its current format. Too big. Or, if they're going to do something as big as that for a fortnight at the height of the summer season, they might as well close the entire park, wall it off, rent the entire place out to the biggest bidder for a few million pounds, relocate the public cafe and sports, and lay on buses to alternative facilities. To imagine the park can be somehow shared for two weeks in midsummer between us, the public, and the corporate music business is ridiculous.
  • £50k to take down that pavilion almost made me weep even if it was £30k still a hideous amount of money for unskilled labour - at least the ball courts clearly involved some skill.
  • on a rant now - also, why don't they put out massive bins during the summer - after a sunny weekend day in the park it is normally disgustingly littered - I know there is no excuse, but when those tiny bins are full it hardly encourages people to take their litter home...
  • Great stuff. Rant away - it's what we're here for.
  • Okay 5 mph speed limit my foot. Last year an idiot truck was reversing and nearly went into some Toddlers. The staff said it wasn't their problem as the truck driver wasn't employed by them and they were only security guards.

    And another thing what about all those tiny bits of broken plastic from broken plastic beer glasses. Too small to sweep up or pick up. Big enough to sit on or stand on. Thanks Wireless
  • Also do we know on what grounds the Judge ruled it lawful? Anyone had any luck with that yet?
  • aaaaaa
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    Not just bits of plastic, last year there were loads of glass splinters all round the pavement/road, creating an unwelcome hazard for dogs and cyclists. OK, there's usually some broken glass all year round, but nowhere near as much as after the so-called cleanup.
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