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Book Signing and Reading: Confessions of a Crouch End Pram Pusher

MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
edited September 2016 in Local discussion
There will be a book reading and signing by local author JJ Sharpe of his new comedy book Confessions of a Crouch End Pram Pusher - at Hornsey Vale Community Centre (Weston Park and Mayfield Rd.) on Thursday, September 22 from 7-9pm. RSVP if interested to "Long-term Crouch Ender, Jimmy, is a tequila drinking yoga teacher with a psychotic wing chun expert for a for a girlfriend. His inescapable poverty forces him to take a job as a sushi chef in a local Japanese restaurant run by Hu Jin - a Chinese man from Guangdong. Desperate to succeed within the world of Japanese cuisine and longing to renounce the the hipster and pram pusher scene of coffee shop hangouts, he makes a foray in the ancient art of Nyotaimori: the serving of sushi on the bodies of still, naked women. Wild times and hilarity propel him towards an unimaginable success... and an ending never to be forgotten!"
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