Free group exercise - VERY basic yoga

Hi, is anyone interested in starting a local exercise group to meet up and do a basic a yoga routine either in FP or if small enough at my place?


  • Being too broke to join Virgin active and fed up with what a dump Park road is, I am trying to get together a small group - one other person would do to meet up to do some stretching. I am not an instructor by any stretch of the imagination but know enough to do a basic routine but just lack the disipline and thought if someone else was doing it with me I would have to get my ass in gear.
  • Hello Suki
    Ditto Virgin Active and not mad about Park Road. Are you still interested in a new basic yoga group?

    The reason I ask is that when the Hanley Community Centre moved into the new Brickworks building, near Crouch Hill station, I broached the subject of a new yoga class to them. We have agreed to do 'a taster class' on 7 March 2018 which they are calling 'Yoga for All'. Basic Hatha class: if the response is good they would like to make it ongoing, once a week, for £2-3.

    I qualified as a yoga teacher a couple of years' ago and would like to see if I could offer part-time yoga classes (beginners or more dynamic intermediate with music) in the local area. I find a lot of yoga classes can be prohibitively expensive and would like to keep it accessible to everyone, whilst still managing to earn a little bit myself.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Best wishes
  • what sort of time/day are you thinking?
  • I'd like to join if it's evenings or weekends.
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  • Hello All

    Thanks for your comments/questions.

    The 'taster' class at the Hanley Community Centre, Brickworks building near to Crouch Hill station, will be from 10:30 - 11:30am on Weds 7 March.
    If the centre decides to go ahead with a weekly class, I think it would also be at that time.
    Please just turn up on the 7th if you are interested. £2 for an hour Beginners class.

    Miss Annie: if you are interested in an evening or weekend class, I would have to work something out with a few of you. E.g. time, hire of location, beginner or intermediate class, etc. Unless you know somebody with a big enough room to hold anything from 2 to 6 yoga mats.

    Wraylikefay: if I were to organise the class myself I could be quite flexible with the day or time. Again, if a few people were interested we could agree on a mutually-convenient time and place.

    In the meantime, I look forward to seeing some of you at The Brickworks, Crouch Hill (5 min walk past the Overground station).

    Best wishes
  • Committing to day sessions is tricky for most i would imagine (including myself), although i will be there if i am not working that day.

    Is the Laundry closing then (or closed)?
  • Hello Holborn Fox
    That is the time the community centre have arranged. Yes, for certain sectors of the workforce late morning would not be convenient.
    I would be happy to organise an evening or weekend session, independently.
    The Laundry has moved into its new building, The Brickworks. Just past Crouch Hill station.
    Best wishes
  • I work full time Mon - Fri so not at home in the day time. Do post if you ever do evenings or weekends.
  • Will come along on 7th. There are plenty of people in the area who work flexibly or from home, so a daytime class may work well.
  • How did this go today?
  • Hello Everybody
    The yoga class went well, thanks Ali. The community centre would like to see if it can run on a weekly basis (depending on response) and so we are going ahead with a class on 14th March. From 21st March the scheduling will be 11 - 12pm.
    General level class that caters for beginners as well as people with yoga experience.
    The centre is aware that evenings and weekends are often more convenient and are thinking about this.
    Hope to see you all soon.
    Best wishes
  • Hi everyone,
    I've been wondering whether the new community centre would start doing yoga classes. I'd love to join you if you manage to start doing any in the evenings or weekends Lisa! I live literally 100m away :)
    I'm intermediate but happy to do a class for all levels or yin style.
    Keep me posted,
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