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Lorne Road

edited May 2017 in Local discussion
Anyone got any info why a large number of police car turned up in Lorne Road in the middle of last night. 10 screaming sirens and plain clothes police all over the place ? Last night


  • I assume they weren't chasing fly tippers!
  • Slept through the whole thing. It was not an anti-terrorist raid (no body armour etc) and they didn't kick any doors in. No helicopter. Two vans, seven patrol cars, at least 20 officers. Family who saw it say the cops were quite relaxed, 'talking and laughing', going in and out of the house. Could have been a drugs bust, cannabis farm, stolen goods, anything, who knows? No activity since, no house to house, nothing. There didn't seem to be any arrest. Maybe it was 'information received' but nobody at home. A mystery. Scary.

  • edited May 2017

    Or a hoax?

    It's the *sirens* at 3am that don't stack up for me.
  • You trading in illegal olive oil again, Krappy? ;)
  • edited May 2017
    What bothers me most is that I didn't even wake up. Clearly someone is slipping sleeping pills in my Ovaltine.
  • Statement from Hornsey police: 'I can confirm that a drunken male was refusing to leave the property and an officer was assaulted. Male was arrested.'

    Tch Tch, there goes the neighbourhood.
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