• The media is immediately right there with the race-baiting, dog-whistle language as usual. "Gangs"? "Crime ingrained in the culture"? Racist shits.

    It's a bloody festival, of course there are going to be drug dealers. At supposedly "nice, middle-class" indie festivals like Bestival, hundreds of thousands of pounds of drugs are siezed every year, compared to which this is piddling. I'm happy the area has something as good as Wireless, and if I had the money to buy tickets I'd be right these myself.
  • You have to laugh at the "suspected drug use!!!" image of two people inhaling nitrous oxide, which apparently 50% of all britons have tried at some point and which is considered among the most harmless drugs that exist.
  • Festival terror!

    I came through on late Friday night (pretty quiet) and late Sunday night (busy), and had a terror free experience.

    They even left paths through the park which was appreciated by me and all the other joggers even if parkrun was cancelled.
  • @Thirdeariespace how'd you know they were not blowing them baloons up, you racist.
  • The worst adjective I can use as neighbour is 'annoying'. Everything else is ridiculous and racist.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Lost me on this one. One mention of the word gang and suggently is a race issue? How?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
  • Given that the majority of the wireless crowd is made up of white people maybe they mean that white people are being called drug dealers.

    Oh no, wait. That would be fine.
  • The balloons have smiley faces on them so the gas obviously works.
  • I'm not sure if I saw this posted here but the Friends of Finsbury Park court case to limit events in the park continues
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    @krappyrubsnif, we accept it because there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

    @thirdeariespace, "race-baiting"? What bit was that? I don't see how crime "ingrained in the festival's culture" is a racist statement either. "Dog-whistle language"? What does that mean? I thought the whole point of dog-whistles was that we humans don't hear them.

    The article (linked in krappy's opening post) ends with an unconvincing statement from Haringey Council, “Wireless is a major cultural event attended by many local residents and showcasing local talent. It brings in hundreds of thousands of pounds of income which go directly into the local parks, ensuring Finsbury Park remains a top class facility for residents in Haringey, Hackney and Islington the whole year round.”

    "Major cultural event"? Must catch it on BBC iPlayer then. "Top class facility"??? Top class facility for muggers and drug dealers, more like. If Finsbury Park was top class, people would feel safe walking around on their own there. During some of the nicest days of this summer so far, a big chunk of this "top class facility" was closed off. That seems to negate the word "facility" somewhat. With that partial closure and the noise of the performances, the festival is certainly an annoyance if you're an uninterested resident. Perhaps "top class" means that scruffy and run-down is the new "scenic", so the money goes into keeping it that way. Haringey Council don't appear to give a tinker's cuss for the local residents, and must surely be spending the money on something else.

    "50% of Britons have tried nitrous oxide"? I need to get out more. (Britons? Who are the Britons?)
  • * Adds 'tinkers cuss' to on-board dictionary to be reused as soon as possible* :)

    I dont know why anyone feels unsafe around drug dealers personally, if you aint dealing or buying they ain't interested.
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    You're probably right, @HolbornFox, though it is obvious that our social spheres have been widely different. :smile:

    Assuming the dealers don't socialise and partake with their clientel (well it wouldn't be professional, would it?) those small groups that one sees in the park are just users. If your glance in their direction lingers for a moment, you're greeted with a suspicious and hostile "you looking at me?"-style glare.
  • Did anyone see the cross letter in the Guardian about the local impact of the festival? It was a couple of days ago, I'll try and paste the link. I rather thought it would be from someone on this forum!
  • Wireless festival: plenty of atmosphere on the Finsbury Park Wireless festival: plenty of atmosphere on the Finsbury Park fringe
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Can anybody explain how much money Haringey receives for letting the park to the operators and exactly what they do with the money? Actual examples of reinvesting that money or does it just allow them to reduce the parks usual budget so we dont really get any more than we would have done otherwise? I might then be able to work out if is worth putting up with police helicopters all night long for 3 nights.
  • I think it costs about £1600 an hour to operate the helicopter bet wireless don't pay for that
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