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I see we are getting lots of charges. If your bin gets broken you will have to pay £30 to get another one, no more bag green waste collections for free you have to pay £75 a year, Up to 4 bulky item collection £25 a go with ten quid for each extra item, at the end on the month when this comes in we will see a massive increase in dumping. I will report every bit o


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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    £75 a year for garden waste? What? I just have a hedge at the front which I cut once or twice a year. There is no way I'm paying extra for that. There will be lot lot more terrible looking untrimmed bushes in Stroud Green.
  • More broken Britain madness. Yes, there will be a massive increase in dumping and fly tipping, piles of garden waste left in the street, furniture and old fridges abandoned on corners.

    Also, I’m going out right away to paint my house number on our waste/recycling bins. These are going to get stolen. Who’s going to pay £30 for a new bin when theirs ‘walks’ up the street - and there are a lot of people moving in and out of this area, renting, letting, subletting, sharing, who simply won’t have the money to pay for a waste bin.

    Welcome to Austerity Britain - living in a shithole.
  • This has bee going in for the last year in my mum's borough. The flytipping problem escalates quickly. Garden waste is easy to dispose off though - small composting bin.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I'll have to stay it down to the parkland walk in the dead of night. Or compost it on the yard outside the front of my house.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    When I cut the hedge this time it filled 4x Haringey garden bags but it's only once it twice a year. If I do it again before winter it will be 2x bags.
  • Anyone know why they got rid of all the recycling bins on Tollington Park, flytipping? That corner used to be very busy with rummagers!
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    @Kittygal it had become a hotspot for dumping all sorts. I go past there at least twice a day and it was an absolute disgrace. I did too witness people rummaging. It does look cleaner now.
    Another hotspot is by the cashpoint near Tesco Hornsey Road. They have put stickers saying area is monitored and offenders will be fined but so far it has had no impact. Even the Tesco staff are peed off about it...
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    If you bin is broken £30. Some of them are very old and get treated very roughly by Veiola. I was impressed at how quickly they replaced a bin when a lid mysteriously disappeared. But it will just be sad as people won't bother and just use bins with no lids. No doubt Veiloa will refuse to collect a bin half full of rainwater. Maybe people will have to tip the juice out into the street. Nice.
  • I recently reported the vast amount of fly tipping at the Tesco express to Islington council via their Anti-social behaviour webpage - two days later the stickers appeared. I have reported numerous incidents of fly tipping to he council with evidence of the name and address of the perpetrators (people regularly dump stuff on the street which includes packaging with their name and address on), but the council just send someone to clear it up. There's very little emphasis on prosecuting offenders despite all the evidence I've submitted. I've made at least 1000 reports via the Clean Islington/Haringey apps in the last two years and things remain as bad - if not worse - than ever. People dump with such impunity around here that many just leave their fly tipping right outside their front doors.
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    @drjones1517 i constantly report via the Islington App and apart from the stuff being cleared away and systematically reappearing, there is absolutely no enforcement. It's ironic that, despite the stickers, the rubbish by the cashpoint is still being defiantly dumped...

    Round the corner from Tesco, on Tollington Way just before you hit the football pitch next to St Mark 's school, there are always tons of dumped rubbish by the first front door you come across . Totally disgusting, especially since the pavement there is very narrow...surely the Council know who these people are?
  • There is dumped rubbish every week around the corner from me. Domestic waste disposed of in shopping bags, on the pavement). I report it every week and Islington has so far not investigated as far as I can tell. Doubt they'd have to look hard to find a receipt or item of mail one of the bags.

    There are horrors under the railway bridge again, too.
  • I'm not paying for garden waste collection. I produce max 5 bags of garden waste per year (that can't go into my own composting bins). Not worth £75 and in any case, that waste went towards making mulch for the park gardens didn't it? I'd rather drag it off to the CA site off Holloway Road.
  • Dear Raj our local councillor.

    It must be possible to get data from the refuse contractor on what volume of garden waste is actually been getting collected within Stroud Green, the council must have used data of that sort to make the decision on this. That would quantify just how much of a problem this will actually be because it is obvious that people will either take it to the depot, put the waste in the black bin or dump it. How much money is actually being saved doing this as the collection was on green bin day so they are passing anyway
    From a green perspective which the council to push, less green stuff will be recycled and there will possibly more funds from cars taking the stuff to the depot

    Can you please provide some transparency and explain the savings and the council logic behind this decision? Or point where this information exists?
  • Another question about the potential of more dumped rubbish. Can the rubbish contractor be asked to proved data on how much dumping of rubbish and fly tipping goes on in Stroud Green ward. This can then be used as a baseline to see after a period of time whether the situation improves or not with the introduction of the £25 charge?

    I have noticed dumped garden waste in Marquis Rd this morning and dumped rubbish on Lorne Road and Marquis Road

    Thanks in anticipation.
  • Perhaps with the new garden waste rules people could get together and share a green bin for the year ? I
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    No point. I'll drive it to the Islington tip. I've suggested I'll dump it because I feel like it but when it comes down to it I will do what's right. However, not everyone will be like that as we all know.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I watched a documentary recently which mentioned a woman entrepreneur in Lebanon who runs a subscription waste collection service for her community because the local government is in such a mess that the service is so bad and people are so happy to pay her. The return of the rag n bone man is imminent.
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    Does everyone in Haringey have bins provided by the council? I'm Islington side of SG we have our own dustbins but the council provide a recycling box.
    We use a modern equivalent of the rag and bone man at work. Bloke and his son pitch up in a tipper truck a couple of times a year and pick up all our old stuff - broken chairs, damaged stock, old phones and ancient IT stuff etc. I guess they make money in scrap and reselling. It would be a right pain to try to get Westminster to collect it, they are not interested in collecting business waste.
  • Rag and bone man still came round occasionally in late 90s (raggannBOOOONNE ...). I wonder what shifts would make it wor th while again.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I can see it coming back for stuff that's worthwhile them collecting but that just disappears itself anyway if you leave it out and there is a thriving second hand market such as Buy / Sell Crouch End on Facebook. Rag and Bone man should be able to sell space parts or obtain scrap value. I guess the old washing machine at 1 Stapleton Hall Road is worthless as someone might have nabbed it by now.
  • Scrap metal vans still roam the streets round here, I'm surprised they haven't taken that washing machine. When I had a new cooker installed last September, I put the old one outside - still within my property's boundaries, but visible from the street - because I planned to take it to the tip. I went to get the grill pan out of it a couple of hours later, and the whole thing had disappeared!
  • Someone on HoL has created a petition about the proposed waste charges: the link is in the thread, and you need to scroll to the end of the next page on the petition site to register your signature : http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/petition-changes-to-haringey-waste-services
  • One dumped Fridge Freezer Lorne Road
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