Refurbishment stores/shops/restaurants on Stroudgreen.

I noticed quite a few places are currently in refurbishment on Stroudgreen.

1-Furniture to go
2-The place that was used to grow weed plants next to la Fabrica.
3-Former Hettie Holland.
4-La Forchetta
5-The place next to Sun Flower florist.
6-A place next to Green Lifestyle food store.
7-Former Moroccan decoration shop.

Anyone has a idea what are the plan for those places?


  • 2. I think that's Hooked; a trendy looking fish restaurant
  • Which place near Sun Flowers florist?
  • the off licence: 7 days food and wine
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It looks to me like La Forcetta, William Hill, Sunflowers Florist and another shop are all vacant? Or is it my imagination as when I go passed they are always closed?
  • When I spoke to Hettie Holland about a year ago, she said that little string of shops (sunflowers etc) were all owned by the same guy who lives abroad. Apparently, he kept the sunflower shop for his daughter who was opening it occasionally. Sounded like he had a lot of money and wasn't interested in selling those shops or improving the look/usefulness/functionality of them. I could sense her frustration at a lack of initiative or motivation in that area to improve it for local people. There was also talk of pedestrianising the area outside vagabond/old Hettie Holland shop. Not sure what's happened about that either...
  • The chap who owns Sun Flowers owns the whole strip including Tesco.
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    Sun Flowers was for sale a few years ago freehold, i assume it has issues as it didn't sell
  • I'm still hoping someone could turn up a picture of that run of shops pre-war.

    The TESCO building needs demolishing and starting again.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I thought it could have been a deliberate strategy by an owner to get have them vacant in order to re-let them as merged units a bit like Waterstones in crouch end which was a couple of shops merged together. I was hoping for something decent as it's a crappy selection. The landlord with be paying a lot in vacant rates to have them like that for so long.
  • @grenners Personally I'd be very sad to see the 'shop that sells everything' and the one with the post office counter go. The main guy at the post office is always super friendly, and by post office standards the queues are short.
  • @grenners i don't think William Hill is shut?
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    I agree with @minim if that's the stretch @grenners is referring to: The "shop that sells everything" is really handy, and the staff at the Post Office are genuinely helpful.

    I would hope that if the owner is really aiming to merge the units the council will refuse planning permission (or change of use, or whatever it is).
  • The store with the convenience store that used to be there next to the flower shop is being refurbed on the inside saw then doing a week or two ago
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    That's the store I meant. Store that sells everything should not go. Don't know why I thought William hill was closed. Every time I go past it's closed with no lights on or may be just looks that way.
  • I don't think the store selling all sort of stuff will go. I was talking about the former off licence next to the florist. It's currently being entirely refurbished. Not sure what it will then be .

    William Hill isnt super busy, probably because there is another one 100m further on stroud green.

    However la forchetta has been closed for quite a long time now.

    Make me sad to see places empty right in the center of Stroudgreen. Not sure what the reason is, maybe the rent is too high, but I'm not even sure...
  • The off licence is the shop I was talking about not the shop that sells everything
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    There is no reaon why a shop should be vacant there as there will be a rent someone is willing to pay. It's a really good spot where Forcetta is. It seems strange that no agency board went up immediately hence my over analysis on whether there was some kind of grand plan. I guess it's possible there is an absent landlord not giving it much care but it doesn't make any economic sense.
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