Barber wars

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New one opened up next to Massage place up the road from Farmers. Two in the same strip


  • Is it called Benefit Cuts?
  • Barbers seem to be in high demand in this area these days, some shops seem busy well into the evening. I suspect it's due to changing demographics; some cultures (Turkish? Kurdish?) seem to generally put a higher value than others on always appearing neatly coiffed. So maybe there won't be "Barber wars"; just enough barbers opening up to meet the increasing demand.

    I haven't gone to a barber in years, so I'm curious about other SGR residents' experiences: are barber shops in the wider SG area as divided by racial or ethnic lines as they appear to be when one passes them and glances through the window? If so, I imagine there could be technical as well as cultural reasons for some of this: I remember Carlo, who had the shop (still there) in Charter court for twenty years or more, turning a customer away because he couldn't cut afro hair.
  • Carlo and his daughter were lovely people he kept working well into his 70s
  • The barbers and hair & beauty salons nearest to the station on SGR (clustered around the World's End), are mainly West Indian/Caribbean. The ladies in there are fabulously glamorous.
  • I go into Smart Designs every now and again when a home trim isn't good enough; I get the full monty: face and head shaved, eyebrows trimmed, neck neatened up, ear-hairs singed, etc. They are Turking, I believe, and clearly take male grooming very seriously. I like them. I am not sure I would try someone else, out of loyalty to SD.
  • It looks like the place next door to Traiteur is also going to be a barbers/hairdressers! There were several salon type chairs in bubble wrap delivered today.
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    With all these barber shops and the long-established Pak's Wig World (and their related shops), is Stroud Green to become the hair centre of London? I wouldn't mind, as long as it doesn't mean fewer restaurants.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn't trust any new pie shops opening up.
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