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Hi everyone. I would like to create a knitting/crochet club around Finsbury park and looking for fellow knitters to join me. I've knitted on and off since I was about 8 years old. Regularly when I was younger but didn't for over 10 years and decided to get back to it last year. Anyone and all levels welcomed. I'm not a teacher and no way a professional but happy to help complete beginners start. I can help you decipher patterns if you are having trouble with it etc. Thanks
  1. What level are you?1 vote
    1. I'm a complete beginner and will need help
    2. I'm a confirmed knitter and happy to help others
    3. I can knit but don't feel comfortable helping others


  • I'm totally up for this. Am a complete beginner but would love to learn.
  • Oh gosh, there was a (long disbanded), knitting club here years ago. Nice to see one forming again.
  • Hi both lovely to hear from you. I have sent you a private message (I hope) with my phone number. I will organise the club in a whatsapp group. Hope you hear from you. All best
  • Hi all, did the knitting club ever materialize? If it's still ongoing, I'm keen to join. If not, does anyone want to start one? At the start of quarantine I bought a bunch of yarn (my version of pandemic hoarding) and am slowly working through new patterns. If summer holds on maybe we can get a few more weeks of social distance knitting outside a pub...
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