Parking in Finsbury Park CPZ A/B/C


Hope you're all well! Just to introduce myself and my situation, I have just moved into the Crouch End area from Green Lanes. In Green Lanes, the parking control area is divided into two zones, A&B, much like here in Finsbury Park, A, B&C. In Green Lanes, a resident of zone A is permitted to park in zone B, and vice versa. The Harringay Council Finsbury Park parking zones are divided into A, B, & C, and I would presume that the owner of one of these resident permits would be allowed to park in one of the 3. Harringay Council don't publically announce any zone restrictions, so I was wondering whether someone could enlighten me as to whether the zones A, B, and C are interchangeable? I would have imagined that they were: i.e. a resident in Zone B would then be able to drive to Stroud Green Road to park and then shop, much like how the Green Lane parking system operates.

Thanks for your time, and if anyone could help me understand this, that would be brilliant!




  • I had always thought that A,B and C were separate zones and the permit only entitled you to park in your own zone. Had no idea that that's how it works in Green lanes - why have the division at all?
  • What would be the point of subdiving what was a larger parking if you allowed to park on any of them anyway
  • Islington which has many zones..we are J, you can only park in your own zone apart from 11-3 on non event days in shared use or residents bays, so not just pay and display.
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