Armed Police raid Lorne Road

At 04.25 this morning. Loads of armed police creeping around before going through the front door of the Lorne Rd drugs house number 12 I think. It has been raided before. A couple of people dragged away. Still several plain clothes hanging around


  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Interesting! Wonder if we will see an impact under the bridge. I have a feeling something sketchy is going on in one of the flats on Albert Rd as well - I’ve noticed more idle bodies hanging around drinking on the corner a block up from Jack’s
  • edited November 2018
  • Does anyone have any more information on this?
  • There are signs up under the bridge about the council providing immediate accommodation for those who want it - and doing a deep cleanse of what's left. The cleanse seemed to happen about a week later than advertised and has removed some of the shanty-town. However, one construction remains and it's not taken long for new people to colonise the premium begging pitches that are now vacant.
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