Money and drinks

Sorry that the site went down for a bit earlier this week. The bill reminder went into my spam, so I forgot to pay it.

It costs £11.39 a month, which I hope you all agree is good value. I should probably work out how to do the online equivalent of passing my cap around.

On a totally unrelated note that has nothing to do with you owing me a drink, we should organise drinks in a pub again soon. There are some new faces in these parts, one of whom I met recently and he was devilishly charming, much like some of the rest of you. Who's up for it.


  • Arkady happy to give a monthly sub. You shouldn't have to pay for this
  • Count me in, conditions permitting.
  • Also happy to give a donation. And to meet for drinks.
  • Surely would only be 10 quid split?

    Anyway happy to do both.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Happy to donate, though I won't remember to unless we meet in person. I know you work a lot on this, so I'm very much down.
    Let's set up a date. Pounds N Pints, and such.
  • I'm a terrible lurker on this site, but much appreciate the effort that goes behind it, and would be happy to contribute to cost. Plus meet for a pint!
  • Speaking of running the site..

    I suspect something isn't set up properly, since clicking on some usernames reveals what I assume are "private" messages sent to other users, sometimes discussing addresses, phone numbers and so on.

    These messages are visible when not even logged in.

    While these shouldn't be public, it might be worth noting somewhere on the site that even while things are working properly, messages between users are not totally private, since anyone with administrator access to the forum can still read them.
  • Similar to Facebook , some people post on the wall instead of sending PMs. I've sent plenty of messages with no problem. Ben can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's only he, and David & Andy who set up this forum several years ago, who have had admin access. I have no problem whatsoever with them seeing my messages but I imagine they have much more interesting things to do than read about cleaners phone numbers, feeding cats, and giving away vacuum cleaners.
  • Also, if you use Facebook you've basically signed away your right to any online privacy.
  • Yeah even the admin can't see private messages.
  • @arkady what is your actual job?
  • Hello person asking a personal question three minutes after signing up for the forum. Why do you ask?
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