Wine Shop

Dont know too much but apparently there is to be a new wine shop sited in the opposite end of the block where Vagabonds is


  • All this area needs is a head shop now
  • That's a lot of beer and wine shops for a small area now.
  • Interesting,

    There's not really already a wine shop though before this is there? There's a wine bar, a beer shop that sells some wine, and a good off-licence (Jacks) but no actual wine shop.

    Hope the prices are decent and not too high, some of the new breed of wine shops springing up are pretty spicy on the pricing.
  • The wine bar is also a shop though. Still, I will probably make more use of a wine shop than many other things it could have been.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Oh I hope they get outdoor seating because that's the only side of the street where you can catch sun.
  • @Papa L There is Oak N4 on Wells Terrace.
  • @Miss Annie,

    That's the wine bar in my post. Oak is great as a wine bar, and got some good wines in there to take out, but almost all expensive.

    Not expensive for what they are, Oak's prices are fair, but the selection itself is a pricey one.

    I'm happy to spend on good wine, but we also need a wine shop that does good bottles under a tenner.

    To be honest my long favoured local wine shop has been the Oddbins on Crouch Hill. Decent selection of wine and friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • I gave up drinking outside of special occasions - weddings etc and Bailey's at Christmas - a while ago but Jack's always seemed to have the best selection.
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    I’ve felt the lack of a wine shop as well. Oddbins is fine and Marks
    and Spencer’s does ok. I’ve thought the place that is/was The Concept would be a great spot for such a shop.
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