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Thefts of catalytic converters

Anyone experienced this happening have heard there have been some thefts around the Woodstock Road area?


  • edited December 2019
    We had ours stolen from Birnam Road on the 19th November and friends had theirs taken from Oakfield road about 6 months ago. It's rife all over North London, according to the police.
  • Birnam Road always reminds me of the film High Plains Drifter.
  • Another active wave around Crouch End and Stroud Green. Last night at 10pm three guys removed ours in Darren Close despite being challenged by a neighbour. Video identifying them with the police: three white guys with London/southern English accents, all wearing covid masks, carrying a large jack. Maybe the same group that drives a black Volvo; they seem to park away from the scene and thus walk down the road with the converter.
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