Wait, what?

Trendy Stroud Green made the Standard today, as did vegan fish and chips.

In A north London gastro-pub, Britain’s newest political party is gathered over glasses of wine to discuss the European elections.

There’s “vegan fish and chips” on the menu of the Old Dairy in trendy Stroud Green.



  • Nice to see Stroud Green org hasn't turned into linear capitalist review site for restaurants and bars. Keep up the good work, Foxie. x
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    The term "Trendy Stroud Green" induces cognitive dissonance even more than does "gastro-pub".
  • Nice to see you still miss the point at every opportunity, Kreuzkav.
  • I wonder why the Dairy smells like a fishing trawler most of the time if the fish is presumably made of soya.

    The last few times I have darkened it's doors I've gone in through one door, took the hit and carried on walking straight out the other door towards the Stapleton, I'm sure the barmaid thinks I think it's a bridleway.
  • ...or a an opportunistic thief. I once had my phone nicked in there.
  • I'll bite: @kreuzkav , what is "linear capitalism", and what had it to do with review sites?
  • Fishing trawler… bridleway… getting warmer, but I think it smells like that because they don't clean the loos regularly enough.
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    I suppose by linear I meant predictable. I've always liked dramatic description. Jumpers over shirts. A bit of a joke really.
  • Funnily enough I was lurking in Muswell Hill a couple of weeks ago and they were selling shirts sewn into jumpers in White Stuff, I was tempted to buy one and walk around looking for side eyes from people on here.

    Mind you I've seen 2 mullets in the past 24 hours so maybe it would have been ironic enough to be cool.
  • Looking forward to the arrival of pants sewn into trousers, and umbrella stands sewn into hallways. Halcyon days!

    I still don’t see what the problem with jumpers over shirts (is anyone proposing jumpers with nothing underneath?), nor, for that matter, eating two mullets at a time.
  • Scruffy, humour, it was a joke. Despite my depression over the first part of this decade, I always maintained a sense of humour. I suppose I've always tried to be individual and jumpers over shirts always seemed a good boy conservatism. By the way, I do wear a jumper over shirt, at times. I do think people on here need a bit of humour and not be passive capitalist consumers all the time. I hope this doesn't open another can of worms. Laugh at your self. I do, as well as laughing at others.
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    Oh dear, I thought you were being as serious as I was. I don’t need to laugh at myself; I have a wife to do that for me (and very good she is at it, too!)
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    I checked out Adlestrop and his poem @Scruffy and found it totally awesome.

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