Front yard security on Woodstock Road

Hi 'greeners,

A few nights ago, we caught someone trying to steal a bike that was secured in a neighbours front yard.

Last night, my other half had to ask a woman to move on. She was injecting drugs in our front yard.

There's also been a lot of activity which appears to be drug dealing happening in the carpark behind 93 Woodstock Road.

I've lodged a report with Crime Stoppers on line, but wanted to give everyone a heads up.


  • It's mad isn't it?
    I wonder why the police care so little about obvious dealing and drug dens. You just have to walk around the area to spot the locations and houses.

    You'd think the police would love to have arrests on their record.

    When I lived off blackstock road my from yard was a bit over grown and a mess. I found a couple of guys shooting up when I arrived home from work one day. Making it tidy and putting up a bright security light stopped it happening.
  • Thanks for the tips about clearing up the front yard.

    I've only just moved back in so am in the process of tidying things, but first thing this morning I started looking for security lights...

    I'm also considering a security camera, but my skin kinda crawls thinking through the privacy implications.
  • I don't think you need to worry about privacy. It's your house and public land in front of that.

    My brother has a few of those doorbell things around his house. They are great, but pricey. Video footage and alerts when someone comes in to your yard.

  • Hello! I'd recommend getting onto your local councillors about this, it's an ongoing problem in the area and it seems no-one is doing something about it.

    I'm sorry to hear this is happening

  • There's also a neighbourhood forum getting going - first meeting today, if you look at some of the other posts
  • We installed a camera, quite a few clips generated of junkies pointing at it and going elsewhere. Nimbyism I suppose, but helped on our road.
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