Loft conversion recommendations

Our roof has deteriorated to such an extent that it will need replacing soon. It will cost a bit to replace so wondered if now might be the right time to think about converting the loft space. Ive seen lots of planning applications for the job but no recommendations. Is there anyone out there who has had the job done and is thrilled with the results. Would appreciate any recommendations.


  • We used Sunlight..friends had used them and seemed fine, then they had a problem with a leak and Sunlight were pretty poor about fixing it, it go done but with some stress. Our job went fine but the workmen left a little to be desired. It is all freelance, this may be the case with all loft conversion firms I don't know. they worked as fast as they could shouting swearwords most of the time. the electrician was a very nasty character who got quite threatening at one point. the plumber was a I say all freelance so who knows who you will get to work on yours, having said all this the job was done well with no problems after.
  • There are a few larger companies in the north London area: one recommended to me by two people was Rooftop Rooms, who assign you a dedicated project manager, etc. We got them to provide a quote, and were impressed by the manager who came to do the specs - he explained the various options and issues very clearly (but we didn't in the end do it - cost too much at the time).

    I have also, on another thread, recommended a really excellent builder, Florin of FB Home Improvements, who does lofts as well as many other kinds of jobs, and has worked for quite a few people in the area. Good luck!
  • thanks for those two suggestions, maybe a builder is the way to go, but will check out rooftop Rooms as well.
  • How much is a loft conversion, generally?
  • I have had extensive work done over the years on my house. The first job I did was a local handyman who turned out to be late, drunk, rude, and did a bad job. This was 7 years ago. Since then, I have used my builder website everytime or a similar search account. I've had new boiler, bathroom, kitchen and garden. Every time I have used someone from these sites, I use a company or builder that has 95%-100% positive feedback. Why? Because the service I have had is excellent because they simply do not want a bad review or to lose their high rating. Every job has been ploite, good service, worked good hours, completed the jobs to a high standard. Simply read reviews, do your research, compare quotes and you will have a smooth job.
  • Nice! I'm looking for a Structural Engineer, and I might use that advice.

    We are looking at knocking down a wall (that doesn't look load bearing) but does anyone have any advice for someone who's a leaseholder w/ Homes for Haringey and how they usually deal with internal modifications?
  • In answer to Peter Crumb's question: the Rooftop Rooms quote (a couple of years ago) was about £40,000: on the assumption that you are creating a normal height room and putting in an ensuite bathroom. If you are simply turning a loft into a properly clad and insulated room, with veluxes and without changing the line of the roof, under £10k
  • Thanks. Currently looking into buying and wanted to know how much it would be.
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